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Argentina travel highlights natural and cultural attractions for visitors

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, the seductive and cosmopolitan capital with the gaze fixed on Europe and the umbilical cord linked to America, Buenos Aires grew until it became a metropolis of almost twelve millon inhabitants.
It is situated on the western coast of the Rio de La Plata. Buenos Aires has got everything: night-life, tango, culture, sports, shopping areas, the best beef and excellent local wines as well as international cuisine
First class and deluxe accommodation available.
Buenos Aires is the main gateway to Argentina and also one of the gateways to other Sout America countries.
Minimum recommended stay: 3 days.


Buenos Aires is the world's supreme city of the Tango. It is impossible to visit the city without getting in touch with this authentic social expression.

The Tango, is the most authentic popular Argentine music. It started by the end of the 19th. century as a mix of various rhythms danced in the poorest quarters. First it was danced by pairs of men to the music of the flute, violin, and guitar, the first of which was subsequently replaced by the "bandoneón" (a type of accordion) which gave it its distinctive taste. Immigrants added their nostalgia and melancholy, and so the tango was developed into what it is today. Outstanding musicians such as Astor Piazzolla and Aníbal Troilo are exponents of this wonderful music.

Enjoying a sensual show accompanied by a good dinner is a grate experience. But you may prefer a far outreaching experience: taking a few tango lessons, attending a 'milonga', and take guided visits to the most bohemians corners in the city where this mysterious music was born and grew, so sensual and so Argentine.

In 2009, the tango was incorporated on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Iguazú Falls

At the border conjunctions of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, the spectacular falls are viewed up close from the Argentine side. Throughout the near-jungle like surroundings we can appreciate gorgeous flora, exotic birds.

Two thirds of the falls are within the Argentine limits. However, it is necessary to explore both sides since there is a very good panoramic view from Brazil. To feel the falls close enough and enjoy the beauty of its vegetation, birds and butterflies, it is essential to walk along the walkways and paths on the Argentine side.

The Inferior Walkway permits a closest contact with the waterfalls and the natural pools, allowing the visitor to enjoy the impressive scenery where beautiful rainbows formed by the mist of the falls contrast with the bright green of the exuberant vegetation.

Connected with several daily flights from Buenos Aires.Deluxe and First class accommodation available.

Minimum recommended stay: 2 days

Yacutinga Lodge

Only 60 km (37 miles) from the Iguazú Falls, situated over the Superior Course of the Iguazú River, the Yacutinga Lodge and its Wild Life Refuge are settled in the core of the subtropical jungle, were the sounds and images of the forest seem to fit perfectly with the natural-looking constructions built with local materials such as stone and wood from fallen trees. An important eco-touristic project never attempted before in Argentina, whose philosophy is to preserve nature and to teach visitors, through an array of different activities, to love and respect it.

Patagonia Glaciers

It is famous because of the colossal wall of ice which seems to rise from the lake and forms a front of 4 km in width and up to 60 metres in height.

Its face descending from the upper parts can be seen to be full of edges and irregular shapes and is remarkable for being one of the few glaciers in the world which advances over the water.

At the base of this and other landscape wonders, El Calafate, provides travelers first class accommodation and all the necessary services. Daily flights connect El Calafate with Buenos Aires.

Minimum recommended stay: 4 days

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