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Chile travel & destination info, attractions & higlights for visitors

Santiago & Winelands

Set on a wide plain near the foot of the Andes, the city of Santiago is set in a spectacular location. This bustling city of 5 million people is your gateway to Chile and the surroinding area offering a wide selection of activities in beautiful countryside.

Whilst in historic Santiago, you can experience the lively music scene, museums, and a huge range of restaurants and cafes.

Multi-day trips are best spent at the world famous Portillo resort near the Argentinean border just to the north of Santiago. From here you can traverse the Andes into Argentina.

There is more top class skiing to be had on the Argentinean side of the border as well as spectacular mountain scenery, dotted with dramatic volcanic peaks. And after all this high altitude adventure make time to sample Chile’s world famous vineyards with a wine tour and then relax on a day trip at Chile’s most popular coastal resort Viña del Mar. All of this can be experienced within close proximity to Santiago.

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Patagonia & Torres del Paine

Situated in wild and windswept southern Patagonia and rising above the brown pampa grassland are the spectacular peaks of Torres del Paine, one of the world’s stunning geographical features. Discover this and many more amazing sights on the adventure of a lifetime to Chile’s southernmost regions.

Flying south out of Santiago you will arrive in the Lake District port city of Puerto Montt. This is the land of the Mapuche Indians and is a region of lush farmland, dense forest, snow-capped volcanoes and deep freshwater lakes.
Venture south on an excursion to Lake Ensenada and the surrounding snow- capped volcanic peaks. Then explore the neighbouring island of Chiloé and its beautiful wooden churches. You can then travel to Torres del Paine National Park and wander around the “giant’s castles” and “demon’s lairs” of this mountainous region. Here you can explore and savour the view of Lago Pehoé,

Los Cuernos del Paine (Horns of Paine) and the Torres del Paine (Towers of Paine), the impossibly steep towers after which the park is named.

Blessed with amazing natural landmarks, the park is also home to herds of guanacos (related to the Peruvian llama), the ostrich-like ñandú, the Andean condor and the stealthy and elusive puma, Patagonia’s largest predator. Choose from a fine selection of luxurious, beayutifully designed lodges in spectacular locations close to the park.

Atacama Desert

One of the most barren yet beautiful areas of Chile is the arid north and at its heart is the Atacama Desert, the driest place on earth. It is a place of stark natural beauty and amazing sights. Unlike anything you have ever seen before this desert region holds some superb attractions and is a true highlight on a visit to Chile.

You can the desert by flying to Calama and then travel by road to San Pedro. Located deep in the heart of the desert this charming oasis town makes for an ideal base to explore the area. Some of the planet’s most provocative landscapes ring San Pedro, enticing thousands of tourists a year to its dusty little heart.

One of the most unusual landscapes and one of the country’s highlights is the altiplano with its dazzling lakes, salf flats and volcanoes.

The largest salt flat in the country lies just to the south of San Pedro and is home to a large colony of flamingos. Making for an unforgettable early morning excursion in a visit to the famous El Tatio geyers, that lie to the north and the aptly named desertscape of Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon).

Best seen at sunset, the valley is transformed into a spellbinding palette of golds and reds, making for a magical end to a day in the desert.

Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

Set adrift in the South Pacific Ocean lies one of the most isolated and mysterious islands on the planet. For thousands of years the people of this tiny speck of land developed a unique and dynamic culture, whose crowning achievement were the bizarre Moai, Easter Island’s massive stone statues.

For hundreds of years this islad lay cut off from the rest of the world, and from this isolation arose one of the most extraordinary feats of ingenuity, art, and obsessive mining and carving that the world has ever seen.

The magnificent Moai, for which the island is most famous, number an astounding 887 statues and some can weigh up to 25 tonnes with intricate carvings and detailing and are spread out across the island in groups or lonely figures on deserted hillsides.

Learn about this fascinating culture in a wild and beautiful setting with its rolling green hills and peaceful white sand beaches.

Although the climate here is subtropical you will notice a distinct lack of trees and vegetation as most were cleared by the islanders generations ago so as to fulfil their obsessive compulsions to appease the gods.With a choice of great hotels in beautiful surroundings you can now enjoy this unique experience for yourself.

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