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M /Y Galapagos Grand Odyssey

The M/Y Galapagos Grand Odyssey is a First class yacht, offering one of the highest levels of comfort of any boat its size in the Galapagos Islands. This first class yacht has been designed especially for small groups to offer you more privacy and comfort, and to reduce the impact on the fragile Galapagos eco-system.

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4 Regions to Enjoy In a Lifetime Trip

REgions to enjoy in a lifetime trip4 regions to discover and explore, Ecuador on its small land extention, is a box of great surprises for people who are looking for new experiences and unforgettable moments. This country invites people to enjoy the four regions in a journey full of adventure, history, traditions, relax and fun. Crossed by the Equatorial line, Ecuador is located in the Middle of the World. Its particular location, complemented with the Andes mountains presence, makes this country a perfect place to enjoy all the weathers and landscapes.  From its warm coasts to the highest mountains and volcanoes, Ecuador offers plenty of activities to experience, mixed with each place traditions and customs. This is always demonstrated by Ecuadorians using its recognized warmth and kindness.

On each city, visitors will encounter the perfect mix between history, traditions and entertainment. Its capital,Basilica - Quito Quito, which its real name is derived from Quitu, which means ‘Middle of the World’ in ‘tsafiki’ language, is a traditional city which invites to join to the old legends from our grandparents. Old churches and colonial architecture surround the biggest and best maintained historic centre in all South America, declared by UNESCO, the first Cultural World Heritage. City tours and night trips will allow visitors to engage to the past and to enjoy history through their active participation. But consider that, this is not the only city that awaits visitors with this attributes, other cities like Guayaquil and Cuenca have their own histories to tell and many fascinating people to meet.

The highlands or the Andes are full of the most amazing places to relax and venture. Attractive landscapes invite to explore and research the beautiful natural treasures, hidden from the north to the south of Ecuador. Majestic mountains and volcanoes run over the center of the country and are outstanding places to trek, climb and camp, likewise, large rivers, attract the bravest people to navigate along them. Highest peaks are the Chimborazo Mountain and the Cotopaxi, which is the world’s tallest active volcano; visitants will be enchanted by its beauty as well The Coastas challenge to reach the top.

The Ecuadorian Coast is unique. Brown, red and white sand beaches wait for tired guests who are searching for pacific places to rest and relax. Environment changes radically with respect to highlands. Wet forests, mangroves, waves, music and food give the best environment for extreme sports and night fun. The warmest and kindest locals will surpass visitant expectations. Their hospitability is combined with their delicious native seafood flavored with its typical preparation.

The Enchanted Islands, once sailed by Darwin on his scientific Galapagosexpeditions, is the most wonderful natural hotspot in the Pacific, far away from the Ecuadorian shores. The Galapagos Islands, declared by UNESCO as a Natural Heritage of the world, is group of volcanic islands which are enriched with the most beautiful and unique flora and fauna in the world. Blue-footed boobies, frigate birds, penguins and the unique big Galapagos tortoises join to the adventure. Trips and cruises are part of touristic operation in the Islands. Everything is well prepared in order to achieve fun and care of this region. Ecological and well prepared guided tours invites people to explore the Islands always giving a green message about the importance of care nature and its endemic species.

Ecuador, divided in 4 regions, is a box full of surprises. To talk about this country in few lines is impossible, this is an experience which needs to be discovered and lived with your family or friends. Gates are opened, Ecuadorians are waiting… just decide and come!!

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