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Amazon Adventures

Hakuna Matata Lodge Hakuna Matata Lodge  
Hakuna Matata Amazon Lodge

Amazon cruises and travel, jungle lodges, eco tours and wilderness adventures in the Ecuador Amazon river basin and rain forest plateau

Wildlife in the Amazon Basin

The Amazon rainforest in Ecuador covers an area of nearly 125.000 sq. Km (78.125 miles). Ecuador has a very easy access to the Amazon. Animals like tapirs and monkeys can be seen. Freshwater dolphins, caimans and snakes can be found as well, more than a hundred species of brightly-colored butterflies and other insects. Toucans, parrots and other species of birds exist within an incredible biodiversity of plants.

Manatee Amazon Exlorer Riverboat

Manatee Amazon Explorer Riverboat


Anakonda Amazon Riverboat

Anakonda Amazon Cruise


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