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Galapagos Islands Hotels

Finch Bay Hotel - Santa Cruz Island
Casa Opuntia - San Cristobal Island
Iguana Crossing Hotel - Isabela Island
Red Mangrove Lodge - Floreana Island

The perfect combination of land and sea exploration, with a number of programmers, ranging from some days, including all accommodation, meals, transfers and excursions onboard our Journey Fleet flote.

If you’d like to discover the islands as: 

Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, Isabela and Floreana, to be the ideal way to explore the wildlife wonders of the Galapagos while still having time to relax and contemplate in one of the best hotel you choose.

Santa Cruz Island Hotels Puerto Ayora is probably the best place to stay, as it’s centrally located, has a number of restaurants, is known for good dive shops, and is close to several visitor sites like Los Gemelos that don’t even require leaving the island.

Santa Cristobal Hotels There are the best hotels in each category on this Island also, Puerto Baquerizo is close to some good visitor sites; including surfing and diving opportunities you feel comfortable with any hotel reservations you may need.

Isabela Island Hotels Is the perfect island to rest and relax comfortably while enjoying your Galapagos Vacation were you choose one of the best accommodation hotels to stay here.

Floreana Islands Hotels There are a limited number of hotels on Floreana Island, yet all provide a decent accommodation to the visitors. Most of the Floreana Island hotels are famed for their eco-friendly environment.

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