12 reasons to visit Galapagos in a small yacht

12 reasons to visit Galapagos in a small yacht

Many travelers that come to Ecuador think about visiting one of the most beautiful Islands of the world: Galapagos Archipelago. However, many of them ask us: “Should I take a cruise or do a land-based tour?” A yacht allows you to see more islands in the same time, and another advantage is that the best guides in the region are those employed by live-aboard yachts. All of them are naturalist-certified by law.

However, large cruises have some disadvantages: they produce more contamination, there is less personal attention and some else. In this article we want to share with you the main advantages of choosing a yacht, specifically a small one, to visit Galapagos Islands.


  1. You feel like a millionaire
  2. You can relax better
  3. You receive personalized attention
  4. You can enjoy higher quality experience
  5. You have better access to the coast
  6. You can do eco-friendly tourism
  7. You have incredible sights during the journey
  8. You don’t have to wait in lines all the time
  9. You can have more closeness with the rest
  10. You can enjoy fine and detailed cuisine
  11. You can rent the yacht for special occasions
  12. The tour operator has more profitableness

Galapagos SeaStar Journey and Galapagos SeaMan Journey are two small exclusive yachts for those travelers who come to the Islands for enjoying a complete experience of ecotourism, adventure, privacy, relax and comfort. If you want to have more information about these reasons, and some interesting information about polls related to travelling by cruises or yachts, this guide will help you. You can download it here:

12 good reasons to choose a Small Yacht