5 charming places in Peru

Most tourists evoke images of Machu Picchu when they think about Peru, but the country is the third largest country in South America, after Brazil and Argentina. If you want to travel to Peru and you look for charming inns to stay, Peruoffers a lot of opportunities in its main cities.

You will have the chance to enjoy some relaxing days staying at these lodges, meanwhile you visit the Amazon rainforest, the sacred Valley or the different historic monuments of Lima.


A charming hotel to visit Peru is Casa Cartagena, an intimate lodge in Cuzco that has been declared world heritage by UNESCO. Enjoy a nice breakfast in a terrace while you feel the breeze of Andean mountains, or read after a touristic day feeling the heat of a fireplace, or the comfort of a Qoya Spa.

The lodge is a marvelous refugee with a combination of the ancient style of the original design, and the luxurious details that have been added in the last years.


Casa Hacienda San Jose is a country hotel very close to the coast, a great option for those travelers who look for comfort and luxury. The lodge is located in El Carmen, 4 kilometers away from Chincha. There is a beautiful swimming pool in the hotel, and there are beautiful Pacific coasts, 10 minutes away by car.


‘Las Casitas de Colca’ are a great option for travelers who look for an intimate refuge with natural air and sights. The accommodation, located in Colca Canyon, is distributed in twenty little charming houses, surrounded by a beautiful landscape of mountains, trees and flowers.


Close to Miraflores, near to the coast in Lima, there is a charming boutique hotel called Quinta Miraflores. It is a marvelous place with beautiful vintage style decoration, minutes away from many tourist attractions of the zone. The building was built in 1900 by the Italian architect Lidio Mongilardi, and it has been declared an historic monument by the Peruvian Ministry of Culture.


Located around the Urubumba river, 30 km from Cuzco on the Sacred Valley, and surrounded by a large garden of trees and flowers, Qawana Lodge is a country hotel for those who look for a peaceful travel to Peru. The owners organize different activities for visitors, such as canoeing in the river, biking, guided tours of the ruins and markets, and much more.

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