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All You Need is Ecuador Trade

In order to help the sales channels of the many tourism agents in Ecuador, the ministry of tourism launched a parallel campaign called ” All You Need Is Ecuador Trade”. This project was applied in conjunction between the Ministry of Tourism and EKOS corporation, a national company that has previous experience in the managing and edition of printed media, as well as the experience in assessment regarding market intelligence services.

“All You Need is Ecuador Trade” is an additional approach that focus expressively on the international Tourism community and will cover about 20,000 tourism representatives among travel agents, DMC tour operators, and wholesalers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. This objective can only be achieved thanks to the aligned support of the various communication tools in the media and digital fronts that the Ministry is currently developing due to an extraordinary budget granted by the Government.

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“All You Need is Ecuador trade” is an additional channel to get information about Ecuador. The information is available in a specialized magazine called “All You Need Is Ecuador Travel”, a bimonthly news release, social networks, and the website called by the same name. The magazine displays important references and accurate information for travel agents and DMC located abroad. Here, they can get access to a section called Travel trainer, which explain the 4th inner worlds or regions of the country, along with information about programs, itineraries, circuits, connections and more.

All together, 9000 magazines will be printed out. Among then, 8000 magazines are going to be spread to wholesalers and travel agencies worldwide, and the remaining 1000 magazines will be used by the Ministry of Tourism for local activities such as fairs, nationwide trade shows, promotions, and meetings with the local tourism industry. Also, the magazine would be available in digital format on social networks, and will be sent to twenty thousand contacts in the tourism industry around the world.

The news release of the Ministry of Tourism, which will include the most important news in Ecuador regarding the tourist activity started to circulate since May of this year, and it will circulate in the media every two months. The news release will be written in 5 languages for comfort of the markets where the strategy is taking place.

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Public relation events are going to accomplished an extensive dissemination of the news release and publications about Ecuador as a main tourist destination. The news release would be post on the most important media communications specialized in four continents.

All You Need Is Ecuador Travel

The website “All You Need Is Ecuador Travel” has articles about the local industry in Ecuador, and it is constantly updating with the most recently news concerning the iconic attractions, destinations, and events in the country itself. It also contains and collects important information about promotions related to the destiny. Additionally, the website offers an extensive list of current inbound tour operators available to our international business partners. In order to increase this data base, is necessary the collaboration of all local tourism agents, who are welcome to subscribe and leave their information.

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Finally, the website offers lectures on Ecuador and its main attractions. The lectures will be presented through Webinars where our partners will learn more about how to sell Ecuador and its main tourism attractions overseas. In addition to this approach, the partners are also required to complete an induction program based on 15 courses that include technical information about Ecuador in order to assure a professional and outstanding sales about the country.

Latin trails is proud to be part of this important public campaign and strives to increase the flow of foreign visitors to our little, but amazing country located in the middle of the world. If you are curious about knowing more about Ecuador, LatinTrails is ready to give you a personalized assessment about our current properties in Ecuador, and the most interesting places that we cover in Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, and Peru.

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