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Top 10 Inca Ruins


Between 1438 and 1533, the Inca Empire thrived. It was the largest pre-Columbian empire and covered a vast area of South America. The Inca Empire's remnants can still be found in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia as well as Chile, Colombia, and Argentina. The Incas' progressive mentality enabled them to prosper greatly during their expansion.

Galapagos Science Center continues to be a leading center for animal health research


Carolina's Galapagos Science Center (GSC), recently opened its doors to a small number of students and researchers returning to its state-of the-art facility on San Cristobal in Galapagos. Greg Lewbart was the first to arrive. He is an adjunct professor at UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health and a professor of aqua animal medicine at North Carolina State University.

Plastic on Galapagos beaches predicted by floating sensors


Stefanie Yapma and Erik van Sebille, physicists, are creating an app to tell park rangers in the Galapagos Islands about where they can pick up plastic each day as part of their Galapagos Plass Free project. To create a model for the complex ocean currents around the archipelago, the researchers used drifters (or "floating sensors"). 

Pre-Columbian farmers had presided over supposedly pristine South American forests


Perpetual clouds cover the canopy of a tropical forest that seems pristine on the Quijo Valley in northern Ecuador. The beauty of the cloud forest conceals a tragic, violent past. New sediment analysis of the Valley's Lake Huila has revealed centuries of indigenous agriculture, which was destroyed by fire and warfare in 1588.

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