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The Beloved Mountain of My SachaJi EcoLodge in Ecuador

Ecuador definitely is a country with lots of places and experiences to live. That´s why the tourism offer in the country is wide and varied. One of these places ideal to visit the beloved mountain of My SachaJi Wellness Ecolodge.

This lodge is located nearby Otavalo. This town is one of the most visited places in Ecuador due to its indigenous market, which is the oldest and biggest in South America. Also, the lodge is in the middle of the Andean mountains (Imbabura Province). From here people can experience the indigenous culture, the mysticism, the traditions, and the love for the mother earth.

SachaJi Andean Cleansing

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The concept of My SachaJi is to offer the friendliness and hospitality of the Andean people. They look forward to canalizing the energy of the mountains through its wellness programs.

My SachaJi is a pioneer in sustainable architecture in Ecuador. At the same time, they promote and support the development of the local community.

Arriving at My SachaJi is being blown up by the marvelous mountain view. At the same time, 11 cozy wood-paneled rooms are waiting for travelers to enhance their stay. Every room has energy efficient system, private bathrooms as well as king size beds, twin beds, or triple rooms. Also, each room has an astonishing view either to the Imbabura volcano or to San Pablo Lake. In terms of decoration, the hotel has a mixture of contemporary and traditional art, mostly handcrafted by the local people.

SachaJi Accommodation, Ecuador, Wellness, Ecolodge

Photo cortesy by My SachaJi Wellness Ecolodge

The cuisine concept of My SachaJi is organic, rich in flavor, and locally produced. In fact, they have their own garden and orchard from where the vegetables are taken. The breakfast is included in the overnight rate, but there is also the option to add lunch and dinner. At SachaJi, people can expect to taste traditional flavors such as Quinoa, commonly used in the Andes.

Staying and dining in My SachaJi is being pampered with herbal teas freshly picked from the garden. At the end, guests will know, for example, how to prepare and tried the rosemary tea that helps with headaches.

SachaJi Cuisine, Organic Food, Ecuador, Imbabura, Wellness

Photo cortesy by My SachaJi Wellness Ecolodge

In terms of the activities and programs that My SachaJi Ecolodge offers, there are plenty of options for travelers. Just depend on people´s needs and interests. The highlights of My SachaJi are its wellness programs from 2 days up to 5 days. Some of the activities are yoga, massages, alternative therapies, hydrotherapy, among others. Also, there are adventure activities that can be combined with this relaxing option.

SachaJi Lodge, Ecuador, Otavalo, Imbabura

Photo cortesy by My SachaJi Wellness Ecolodge

Finally, the location of My SachaJi Wellness Eco-Lodge is very convenient. It is very close to Quito and its highlights.

Why not experiencing the Andes mountain in a different way. Revitalize yourself after visiting the highlights of Ecuador & Galapagos Islands.

Definitely, at My SachaJi you will feel the energy of the earth, and experience the enchants of the beloved Andean mountains.

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