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16 Oct

The most beautiful landscapes in Ecuador for photography lovers

A picture is worth a thousand words! And these photographs of some of the most beautiful landscapes in Ecuador will make you feel like travelling there with hand-held camera only. We hope you enjoy them!   Ecuadorian Andes mountain range is an example of the rich variety of landscapes that can be seen in Ecuador. The ‘Golden Hour’ at the end of the day is one of the most precious moments for a photo shoot on the spot, as the light of the sunrise reflects on the snow and creates a very special atmosphere.Another great scenario...

12 Oct

Ecuadorian Amazon: a paradise of fauna

Ecuadorian Amazon is an amazing destination for those who like outdoor activities such as hiking and enjoying nature diversity. It is an extraordinary place, but not only for the beautiful landscapes, but also for its mosaic of fauna. You will be able to find thousands of species, from the sneaky boa to the red piranha, and back to the spider monkey, the amazon pink river dolphin and so many different species. Love birds? In the Ecuadorian Amazon travelers can find macaws. These birds are a poem for the sight thanks to their colorful feathers....

5 Oct

The best monuments of the Quito School of Art

Quito, that was founded in the XVI Century on the ruins of an Inca city, has the best-preserved colonial downtown in Latin America. It is located in the heart of the Andes and has a lot of monuments worth to be visited that were part of the Baroque style imported from Europe. So, if you are an art lover, you should include this marvelous city in your trip to Ecuador. Baroque architecture was taken up with enthusiasm in the capital of Ecuador, but they developed their particular style. Quitena School created a Baroque fusion...

3 Oct

The best activities if you travel to Ecuador with kids

One thing is to read about the Incas, or watch a documentary about the Galapagos Islands and their exotic animals, but another thing is to experience all this by yourself. Kids learn so much when travelling, and it is also a perfect moment for families to spend time together, have fun and also learn to deal with different situations. Furthermore, kids are the perfect travelers, for many reasons: they are curious, they talk naturally with locals and they enjoy every single thing and moment. The best activities if you  travel to Ecuador with kids If you travel...

28 Sep

5 charming places in Peru

Most tourists evoke images of Machu Picchu when they think about Peru, but the country is the third largest country in South America, after Brazil and Argentina. If you want to travel to Peru and you look for charming inns to stay, Peruoffers a lot of opportunities in its main cities. 5 charming places in Peru to relax and enjoy You will have the chance to enjoy some relaxing days staying at these lodges, meanwhile you visit the Amazon rainforest, the sacred Valley or the different historic monuments of Lima. 1. CASA CARTAGENA BOUTIQUE HOTEL & SPA A charming...

26 Sep

5 species of Galapagos that need our protection

Ecuador has more biodiversity per square kilometre than any other country in the world. Galapagos Islands, located in the West coast, are extraordinary, a paradise of biodiversity. Unfortunately, some of the jewels of these wonderful islands are endangered: a great part of the fauna of Galapagos Islands need special protection. The main species of Galapagos that are in danger of extinction are: the giant tortoise, the marine iguana, the green turtle, the Galapagos penguin, the sea lion, the whale shark, the leatherback turtle, the hammerhead shark, the flamingos, the blue footed-boobies, etc. In this list you...

21 Sep

Ecuador, a land for chocolate lovers

Travelling to Ecuador is an intense experience for all the senses. As the country is so diverse, the gastronomy is also rich and extraordinary. One of their unique products for foodies is their mosaic of different kind of  chocolates, with a wide range of flavors, textures and aromas. HISTORY OF CHOCOLATE Before the colonization of the Americas, Mayans used chocolate beans as currency, but in fact the History of chocolate goes way back to thousands of years ago, in the Amazonian rainforest in Latin America,  where cacao trees grow wild. According to scientific findings of the last years,...

19 Sep

5 essential destinations if you travel to Peru

Peru is the third largest country in South America, after Brazil and Argentina. It is popular for tourists around the world due to the ruins of Machu Picchu, but there are many other highlights of the country that attract travelers every year. Whether you look for eco-tourism and relax, or you want an adventurous travel, Peru is a paradise of contrasts. If you are planning to travel to Peru, think about a complete itinerary and enjoy a complete experience of culture and nature. Five reminders why Peru has to be on everyone’s bucket list 1. THE CITY...

14 Sep

7 good reasons to recommend Ecuador to your clients

Naturalism, culture and leisure are easy to find everywhere when you are taking a tour to Ecuador. Ecuador is a particular spot where visitors can engage in a variety of activities besides the tourism industry. People who travel to Ecuador can choose among a variety of options, from the beach to the mountains at the same day, or even to the Amazonic forest. This is a destination of contrasts, between past and present, tradition and innovation, nature and culture. 7 reasons to recommend Ecuador to your clients  1. CULTURAL HERITAGE The capital, Quito, is one...

12 Sep

The best activities for families and seniors in Galapagos

In 1835, when Charles Darwin arrived to Galapagos on board of the Beagle, he was amazed by the marvelous biodiversity that he found in the Islands. Like Darwin, every visitor that travels to Galapagos understands how special it is. In case of seniors and children, this is not an exception. The Enchanted Islands are an extraordinary destination for senior couples and families with children, as the Islands have the perfect combination between relax and fun, with incredible landscapes and a lot to do and learn. Find out more about the best activities for families and...

11 Sep

The Galapagos Sea Star Journey was awarded

The Galapagos Sea Star Journey, Latin Trails´ flagship yacht, was awarded last September 09, 2017, in the Riviera Maya as the South America´s Leading Boutique Cruise 2017 by the World Travel Award. This award is the result of many years of effort, improvements, innovation, and quality of service. Always supported by a welcoming and dedicated local crew on board. Thanks to you all for the support and confidence to the Galapagos Sea Star Journey since 2011. Without your constant feedback and confidence, we wouldn´t be able to reach this stage. But, this...