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23 May

Baños, one of the most polifacetic destinations in Ecuador

Baños de Agua Santa, that can be translated in English as “Water baths”, is a typical colonial city located in the middle of the Andean mountains, next to Tungurahua volcano and on the outer edge of the Amazon basin. If you are looking for a romantic destination in Ecuador, you will love this charming town, perfect to have a fun and relaxing vacation. Discover Baños! RELAX Baños is the ideal place to relax: a calm destination with a good temperature during all  year long. The town has an extraordinary attraction for romantic tourists: thermal baths. Tungurahua...

16 May

Galapagos, a paradise for birdwatchers

The virginal nature of Galapagos Islands in the Pacific, seduces from a few centuries ago, because before that, they even didn’t exist. The lack of human contact for many thousands of years makes this destination a paradise of unique species. In particular, there are many extraordinary birds to discover in this Archipelago. The Galapagos Islands are home to some of the most endangered birds in the world, on their bird species have a unique behavior, because they are extremely docile and tolerant of human presence. Galapagos animals are very friendly (they don’t run with...

El Panecillo - Quito
2 May

Quito, the leading destination in South America in 5 facts

Quito, the Light of America, is considered the leading destination of South America. This city is surrounded by volcanoes; it was founded in 1534 by Diego de Almagro while Sebastian de Benalcázar arrives with a bit more than two hundred people to establish the first Spaniard settlements. Nowadays, the city has evolved as a touristic destination due to its richest history and traditions. Every year many international travelers visit Quito. In fact, the city amused them with its historical buildings perfectly mixed with the modernity lifestyle. That´s why in recent years Quito...

29 Abr

The mystery of the Nazca lines, what do archeologists say?

Among the Peruvian cities of Nazca and Palpa, lies one of the greatest archaeological mysteries of all time. Since archaeologists began studying the figures of Nazca desert in the thirties of the twentieth Century, there have been dozens of theories about its creation. Which is the correct one? Nazca Desert, one of the driest in the world, was home of the Nazca culture that took place between 200 BC and 600 AD. This civilization created a set of enormous geoglyphs  in the Pampas of Jumana, in Peru, visible only from a certain height. These lines...

26 Abr

Galapagos throughout History: 5 key facts

The Galapagos Islands are much more than a nice destination with exotic animals. It is also an extraordinary joy for History. The main influence of the Enchanted Islands in our History is the role played by this archipelago in the Theory of Evolution Charles Darwin, but there are more fascinating data. Discover Galapagos throughout History, with the 5 most important facts of the Islands! 1. THE ORIGINS OF THE ISLANDS The islands were formed 5 million years ago as a result of tectonic activity on the seabed. The current volcanic activity is still...

13 Abr

The experience of cruising in Galapagos Islands

Many travelers that come to Ecuador think about visiting Galapagos Islands, a paradise of biodiversity declared World Heritage. However, many of the visitors ask us the same question: “Should I take a cruise or do a land-based tour?” A cruise is a unique experience, an opportunity to soak up a place without losing the comfort and intimacy. Discover the experience of cruising in Galapagos Islands! In the case of Galapagos Islands, cruising guarantees the access to certain islands that would otherwise be inaccessible. Moreover, it allows you to see more islands at the same time....

13 Abr

Holy Week in Ecuador, what are the typical traditions?

The Holy Week is one of the few times in the year that thousands of Ecuadorians gather in the streets. It is a great moment for visiting the country, as travelers can discover one of the most important festivities of Ecuador. Discover the typical traditions for these days! CUCURUCHOS As Ecuador has an important influence of catholic tradition, one of the most important days of the year is the Holy Friday. It is a day of religious expressions and traditions, and all the streets are plenty of people. Easter processions can be found in many...

7 Abr

Beautiful photography of Peruvian landscapes

Peru inevitably evoke images of the Inca Empire, however, the country has also other attractions, including the Amazon rainforest, the lake Titicaca, cities like Lima and Cusco and even an extraordinary cuisine. Peru is a mystic country, a marvelous land of contrasts, where travelers can find an extraordinary rainforest, ancestral traditions, modern cities and a unique biodiversity. These photos will transport you to some of these beautiful places. We hope you enjoy them! MACHU PICCHU Machu Picchu is a must for anyone who travels to Peru. Located in the Central Cordillera of the Peruvian Andes, the ancient...

Hotel del Parque
3 Abr

Hotel del Parque, the best hotel in Guayaquil

Hotel del Parque in Guayaquil, part of the Oro Verde Hotels, is finally open. This hotel in just a few months has become an iconic place of this port city. It started to operate during the first quarter of 2017. The service offer by this new luxury hotel in Ecuador is looking to satisfy the most exquisite and exigent taste of high-end travelers as well as immersing them in the Ecuadorian history. Without a doubt, Hotel del Parque is now the best hotel in Guayaquil.   The hotel has 44 guest rooms...

30 Mar

Latin Trails, nominated to the World Travel Awards

World Travel Awards are like the ‘Oscars’ of the travel industry, in words of the Wall Street Journal. These awards started in 1993, and every year recognise the excellent work of the best companies around the world, according to the criteria of some hospitality experts and also the travel buyers. The WTA have different categories, including hotels, airline and car-hire companies and also travel agencies. This year the WTA celebrates its 24th anniversary, and will be attended by senior executives from major travel companies, operators, destinations, etc. They represent a recognition of the...

SachaJi Ecolodge, Ecuador, Otavalo, Andes
21 Mar

The Beloved Mountain of My SachaJi EcoLodge in Ecuador

Ecuador definitely is a country with lots of places and experiences to live. That´s why the tourism offer in the country is wide and varied. One of these places ideal to visit the beloved mountain of My SachaJi Wellness Ecolodge. Photo courtesy by My SachaJi Wellness Ecolodge This lodge is located nearby Otavalo. This town is one of the most visited places in Ecuador due to its indigenous market, which is the oldest and biggest in South America. Also, the lodge is in the middle of the Andean mountains (Imbabura Province). From...