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Galapagos Islands Cruise Guide
10 Mar

Ecuador, recognized at ITB Berlin 2017 as a sustainable tourism destination

Ecuador is working on becoming a socially responsible and sustainable destination. All its effort was recognized at the ITB Berlin 2017. Ecuador is the pioneering country in Latin America in tourism sustainability. The country is promoting the certification process as a social responsible of its tourism industry. The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador said that this recognition is for the industry´s mind changing. Ecuador is now following the policies and regulations promoted by TourCert. The aim is to offer worldwide standard quality and sustainable practices. The Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) by TourCert...

24 Feb

Vilcabamba a Relaxing Destination, Madre Tierra Resort

Vilcabamba, a relaxing destination, is just 38kms away from Loja at the south of Ecuador. The village has become increasingly famous among foreign visitors and expats. In fact, it´s considered for international travelers a must along with the gringo trail from Ecuador to Peru. The valley has a very pleasant weather and tranquil ambiance, with plenty routes for trekking and horseback rides. Another highlight of this Andean area is the Podocarpus National Park. This park is considered the 'Botanical Garden of America' thanks to its diverse biodiversity. Vilcabamba is also known as the...

21 Feb

The main reasons to travel for seniors

When we age, we often make the mistake of thinking that we have already done everything in life, that the most important things have already happened. If Verdi had thought the same, he would not have premiered Othello at 74 years, nor would Goethe have published Faust in his 80s, nor would Cervantes have written the second part of Don Quixote at the age of 68. At age 50-60 you can start the most wonderful years of your life, with more time to enjoy, and the opportunity to make those outstanding...

17 Feb

The impact of ecotourism in Galapagos Islands

Breathtaking volcanoes, white sand beaches, exotic species…, the ecuadorian Archipelago is one of the favourite destinations of the world, a land of natural wonders, a perfect scenario for relaxing and disconnecting. Visitors that come to Galapagos have the chance to know a incredibly rich nature. Travelers can enjoy the marvelous sights of the coasts and the species, a perfect scenario for biologists and photographers. Unfortunately, Galapagos Islands are endangered and need special protection. The Archipelago is in risk for many reasons. Some foreign species have been introduced, such as feral goats, cats, cattle and also many...

14 Feb

Bleisure, a new trend in travel industry

When we think about travelling, we normally imagine vacations, relax and fun. However, many people travel for business, and these kind of trips are frequently stressful. Furthermore, it is very frustrating to be in an amazing city and not having time to see it. For this reason, there is a new trending in business industry, called Bleisure. What is it about? Bleisure is a word that combines business and leisure, and the concept has been developed as a consequence of an ascending demand. In a globalized world, where the boundaries between professional...

9 Feb

Interesting facts about the Incas that many people ignore

The Incas were an extraordinary civilization, the largest pre-Columbian Empire in the Americas (1300-1500 AD). They developed their own education, their government, their laws and their art. Unfortunately, a very important part of their legacy has been lost, but the different monuments that still remain give us much information about them. Know some interesting facts about the Incas! THEY EXTENDED EVEN MORE THAN THE ROMAN EMPIRE They created their own roads that traveled from Chile to Colombia, and they extended these routes more than 5230 kilometers, similar to the distance between New York and San Francisco....

7 Feb

Darwin finch, an icon of Galapagos

Darwin’s finches are a beautiful kind of bird that can be found in Galapagos Islands, but, besides their beauty there is another reason why travelers come to know them. To Darwin, studying Galapagos finches was very important to develop his Theory of Evolution. Know more about Darwin finch, an icon of Galapagos! They are an extraordinary example of how natural selection can lead to the evolution of different species from a single origin. For this reason, these birds owe their name to Darwin, as they were part of his investigation in his second voyage with the Beagle. In...

4 Feb

Gay tourism in Ecuador, what to visit?

Ecuador is one of these destinations that everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime. Gay men and women, and in general any LGBTQ person or couple that comes to Ecuador, can enjoy many activities and places. Gay tourism in Ecuador We don’t think that gays have special interests because of their condition, and for this reason any great experience for travelers is recommended for LGBTQ too. Ecuadorian Amazon is an amazing destination for those who like outdoor activities such as hiking and enjoying nature diversity. Quito is a must if you are an art lover....

1 Feb

Why are Galapagos so unique in the world?

There are many islands in the world, but among others, the Travel and Leisure’s readers chose Galapagos a year ago as the best islands of the world. With a score of 90,815, these islands are in the first place of the world’s ranking, above Bali, Maldivas, Tasmania, Greek Islands, etc. Why is this Archipelago so popular and extraordinary? Why are Galapagos so unique in the world? More than 200,000 tourists came to Galapagos in 2015, and this number increases every year. UNESCO declared them World Heritage in 1978. There are a lot of reasons why these Islands generate...

27 Ene

12 reasons to visit Galapagos in a small yacht

Many travelers that come to Ecuador think about visiting one of the most beautiful Islands of the world: Galapagos Archipelago. However, many of them ask us: “Should I take a cruise or do a land-based tour?” A yacht allows you to see more islands in the same time, and another advantage is that the best guides in the region are those employed by live-aboard yachts. All of them are naturalist-certified by law. However, large cruises have some disadvantages: they produce more contamination, there is less personal attention and some else. In this article we want to...

12 Ene

The best moments to visit Ecuador in 2017

Ecuador is fascinating during all the year, but it is true that there are some events and seasons that are perfect for visiting this Latin American country. Know the best moments to visit Ecuador in 2017! ACCORDING TO CLIMATE Ecuador’s climate varies by region, caused by the differences in altitude and latitude. As most of the country is in the southern hemisphere, June to September is considered to be winter, the opposite to the northern hemisphere. Ecuadorian winter is generally the dry season in warm climates, while the rest of seasons are generally the...

10 Ene

Beautiful landscapes in Galapagos for photography lovers

Are you ready to discover the most spectacular landscapes in Galapagos Islands? In 1835, when Charles Darwin arrived to Galapagos on board of the Beagle, he was amazed by the marvelous biodiversity that he found in the Islands. Like Darwin, every visitor that travels to Galapagos understands how special it is. Not only for its natural value, but also for the magic views that they offer. Discover some of the most beautiful landscapes in Galapagos! PUERTO EGAS   Puerto Egas is a perfect spot not only for taking pictures but also for swimming, snorkeling or diving...