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5 of the Best Experiences for Young Families in the Galapagos

The Galapagos archipelago is made up of 13 main islands about 9 islets and about 600 rocks, with a whopping 176 visitor sites in total, each offering their own experiences, attractions, and things to do. So how can travelers ensure that they’re really getting the most from their Galapagos vacation? It’s important to consider who’s travelling, […]

Seamany | Sea Star

Sea Star Journey and Seaman Journey – New looks, the same great service

Quito, Ecuador – The Sea Star Journey and the Seaman Journey yachts went through interesting improvements this second semester of the year. Latin Trails invests regularly on maintenance and improvements of the vessels in order to keep the same quality they have always offered. This year, the Sea Star Journey was recognized by the World […]

Importance of the Galapagos Guide

The Galapagos Guide, your Wise Trip Companion

As travelers, sometimes, we want to be on our own because as soon as we have gained more travel experience, we want to have more freedom in discovering the destination. However, some sites are too fragile and require the guidance of a professional, who is going to give us the best advises for enjoying the […]

Alerta Amarilla en el Volcán Sierra Negra

The newest pictures of the Sea Star Journey and Galapagos Hopper

The newest pictures of the Sea Star Journey and Galapagos Hopper

In the last months we have been working on producing and getting better pictures that reflects our products and services. The new pictures In fact, since the Galapagos Sea Star returned after its massive dry dock last November 2017, there are a series of new pictures that shows: New Décor of the yacht Main Deck […]


What are the best dishes to try in Lima?

Peru is one of the most beautiful and unique tourist destinations in the world, combining the richness of years of intermingling between several diverse cultures including the Spanish, Chinese as well as traditional Peruvian customs and traditions. In addition to the awe-inspiring monuments and incredible natural scenery, Peru, and especially Lima is well known and […]


Vilcabamba a Relaxing Destination, Madre Tierra Resort

Vilcabamba, a relaxing destination, is just 38kms away from Loja at the south of Ecuador. The village has become increasingly famous among foreign visitors and expats. In fact, it´s considered for international travelers a must along with the gringo trail from Ecuador to Peru. The valley has a very pleasant weather and tranquil ambiance, with plenty […]


5 Useful Tips if you Travel to the Amazon in Ecuador

There are trips that everyone should do once in a lifetime. Travelling to the Amazon rainforest would be one of them, as it is a really exotic place and you can live an incredible adventure. However, to enjoy the experience, remember there are some things to keep in mind. We share with you some tips […]

Seaman Journey Galapagos Cruise

Top reasons for taking a cruise with the Seaman Journey

The Seaman Journey is classified as a first class motor yacht, operating in the Galapagos archipelago since 2012. It Is considered an expedition cruise, which means that the ship is the medium of transportation to its destination, in this case the islets, and islands of the national park reserve. A first class catamaran The Seaman […]