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Top Best Quito monuments to visit

Quito is one of the favorite destinations of Latin America, as it was considered World Heritage by UNESCO. What makes the capital of Ecuador so attractive for visitors? The city was built in the XVI Century, over the ruins of an Inca city. It represents an harmonic mix between History, nature and modernism. In fact, Quito has the best-preserved […]


Latin Trails is attending this International Travel Fairs in March and April

For years Latin Trails have seen the importance of having a presence in the most renowned international travel fairs. It is the best way to strength the relationship and update the information on our improvements and new products and services. Also, it is the perfect opportunity to meet older and newer friends. Latin Trails is […]


The Galapagos Sea Star Journey was awarded

The Galapagos Sea Star Journey, Latin Trails´ flagship yacht, was awarded last September 09, 2017, in the Riviera Maya as the South America´s Leading Boutique Cruise 2017 by the World Travel Award. This award is the result of many years of effort, improvements, innovation, and quality of service. Always supported by a welcoming and dedicated local crew on […]

dizziness in galapagos cruises

Tips to avoid dizziness without taking medicine in a Speedboat or cruise at the Galapagos Islands

If you decide to visit the Galapagos Islands, remember that at some point within any Galapagos tour, you will need to move around the islands on a cruise or a speedboat. So, if you are not an experienced sailor, or high tides don’t suit you, we would like to give you the following advice in […]

galapagos snorkeling

The top 4 sea creatures at the Galapagos Island

This is the third article from a series regarding creatures found in the Galapagos Islands and their primary ecosystems. So far we have talked about land creatures, birds, and now we are going to write about sea creatures. Although Galapagos can share its natural wonders and amazing ecosystems from different perspectives and according to its […]


What’s the story behind Machu Picchu?

That’s a good question to ask before heading there. Scientists are still guessing exactly why Machu Picchu, or Old Peak, was built. Here are a few theories. It’s thought that Machu Picchu, which measures 1 square mile and rests about 2,400 meters above sea level in the midst of the Sacred Valley, was partly a royal’s […]


The real reason why Darwin was inspired by Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands are famous, not only as a paradise for naturalists, but also as a source of inspiration during History. The Islands inspired poets, explorers, scientists and dreamers. They inspired, for instance, the writer Daniel Defoe with his novel Robinson Crusoe, and they also boosted scientific progress, as Charles Darwin was amazed by the Enchanted Islands, […]


Galapagos cruising, the perfect activity for LGBT couples and families

Galapagos are a paradise of naturalism and relax, and visiting the islands on board of a cruise is a very comfortable way to discover them. There are special LGBT cruises, one of the best ways to enjoy yourself, with your couple or your family. Imagine spending some days discovering incredible fauna and flora with your […]


The mystery of the Nazca lines, what do archeologists say?

Among the Peruvian cities of Nazca and Palpa, lies one of the greatest archaeological mysteries of all time. Since archaeologists began studying the figures of Nazca desert in the thirties of the twentieth Century, there have been dozens of theories about its creation. Which is the correct one? Nazca Desert, one of the driest in […]