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The mystery of the Nazca lines, what do archeologists say?

Among the Peruvian cities of Nazca and Palpa, lies one of the greatest archaeological mysteries of all time. Since archaeologists began studying the figures of Nazca desert in the thirties of the twentieth Century, there have been dozens of theories about its creation. Which is the correct one? Nazca Desert, one of the driest in […]


The most beautiful landscapes in Ecuador for photography lovers

Ecuador in pictures A picture is worth a thousand words! And these photographs of some of the most beautiful landscapes in Ecuador will make you feel like travelling there with hand-held camera only. We hope you enjoy them! Ecuadorian Andes mountain range is an example of the rich variety of landscapes that can be seen in Ecuador. The ‘Golden […]


The main reasons to travel for seniors

When we age, we often make the mistake of thinking that we have already done everything in life, that the most important things have already happened. If Verdi had thought the same, he would not have premiered Othello at 74 years, nor would Goethe have published Faust in his 80s, nor would Cervantes have written […]

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What is the best itinerary in Galapagos? (Second Part)

We continue with the objective of acquainting you with all the information you need to choose which is the best itinerary in Galapagos?, this time we will talk about the Western Islands. These islands are the remotest of the archipelago, but they highly recommend to visit, if possible. If you want to get in touch with […]

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Top 3 land creatures at the Galapagos Island

On a previous article we wrote about the top birds on the Galapagos Island based on my last visit and experience lived on this amazing archipelago. Nevertheless, this time I would like to write about the ranking of land creatures that according to my stand point of view, and based on my last journey on […]

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What to do in Quito? 30 activities to do in one month

The 30 activities to do in one month 1. You can’t skip the teleferico. This 10 minute gondola ride that takes you 1,000 meters up to Cruz Loma to witness the city and its valleys from above. From here hike the 4km to Rucu Pichincha. 2. Visit La Compañía church in South America’s best preserved colonial center. […]


We celebrate the 38th Anniversary of Quito as World Heritage city

Ecuador is on celebration mode: Quito, the capital, was considered World Heritage by UNESCO 38 years ago on September 8th, 1978. Furthermore, it was the first city in the World that had this honor. Why is this city so extraordinary? Quito, that was founded in 1534 on the ruins of an Inca city, has the best-preserved […]


The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, an extraordinary tour to do once in a lifetime

In 1533, the Inca Empire fell into the hands of the Spanish conquerors, led by Francisco Pizarro. Since the new discovery of many Inca monuments in the twentieth century, the rests of this ancient civilization have attracted people from all over the world. The most famous trekking route in America has 43 kilometers of forests, […]

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The Inca trail becomes a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO

Perhaps part of the reason why this marvelous spot of ancient culture became a world cultural heritage site is due to the propelling of modern communication channels that came after this masterpiece. An ancestral road of communication established many centuries ago, became the heart of the Incas´ Empire for the trade of goods and information, […]