Business Policy

JOURNEY FLEET, We are an inbound tour operator that offers its clients tours in Ecuador and Peru in addition to cruises in the Galapagos and Amazon. We are compromised with all tour agencies and operators to provide high quality products and services. Therefore we have adopted a philosophy that ensures quality, environmental sustainability, social and corporate responsibility, development and continuous improvement of our services and products. We strongly put emphasis on the rights of those who collaborate and work with us by providing the most adequate and comfortable working environment that respects integrity and individuality. In addition we encourage and support our suppliers and contractors to provide qualitative and sustainable services in such a way that the satisfaction and well being of our clients and surrounding are granted.

General Manager

Journey Fleet – Latin Trails is an enterprise that focuses on tour services. Our principles and compromises are organized into the following points:

  1. Journey Fleet Cia. Ltda. – Latin Trails compromises to fulfill all normative and legal requirements done with clients and the rest of groups of interest.
  2. The activities that take place within the business will be executed through different stages and processes, each with a centred goal that will be thoroughly evaluated and updated every certain period of time, minimum annually.
  3. Systems will be established with the goal of avoiding pollution and hence accomplishing a lean production.
  4. Hence a system of continuous improvement will be used in order to improve all stages within the business in order to control quality and efficiency.
  5. Journey Fleet Cia. Ltda. will promote through enforcement and training, respect and tolerance to rights and freedom. This will be achieved through progressive measures taken that will improve individual and common well being of our workers in such a way where there is no exclusion nor discrimination against any age, race, religion, sexual orientation or discapacity.
  6. The best and most optimum approach will be used for each department in order to perceive and avoid social and environmental impacts through the best solution.
  7. Human rights and protection to the minority will be encouraged, mainly child labour exploitation based on the ESNNA code.
  8. This principles will be informed and followed by each and every member of our personal. Furthermore this policy will be constantly checked and modified to the society’s and company’s benefit.

Marcel Perkins
General Manager
Latin Trails

Latin Trails


We choose to make travelling to South America a dream come true through the enrichment of life experiences. We encourage respect towards the ecosystems and communities that surround us in order to create sustainable economies. Tourism is not only our activity but our passion that is why our objective is to offer the highest of standards in the industry.


To be the leader tour operator in Ecuador and South America. To be considered one of the principal creators of new service standards by generating life experiences by promoting local culture, environment and improving the living standards of the local communities.