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The emblematic and delicious Peruvian ceviche

If Peru were to be known by one thing, the two first names that could easily pop up in our minds are: food and Macchu Picchu.

Seamany | Sea Star

Sea Star Journey and Seaman Journey – New looks, the same great service

Quito, Ecuador – The Sea Star Journey and the Seaman Journey yachts went through interesting improvements this second semester of the year. Latin Trails invests regularly on maintenance and improvements of the vessels in order to keep the same quality they have always offered. This year, the Sea Star Journey was recognized by the World […]


Vilcabamba a Relaxing Destination, Madre Tierra Resort

Vilcabamba, a relaxing destination, is just 38kms away from Loja at the south of Ecuador. The village has become increasingly famous among foreign visitors and expats. In fact, it´s considered for international travelers a must along with the gringo trail from Ecuador to Peru. The valley has a very pleasant weather and tranquil ambiance, with plenty […]

galapagos snorkeling

Snorkeling in Galapagos

The Galapagos islands are a special place, where the most avid lovers for snorkeling will find unique landscapes decorated by coral reefs, bright coloured fish, sea creatures from different sizes and colours. When you travel to Galapagos, snorkeling will pop straight to your mind. The magnificent areas offer scuba diving which allows snorkelers to observe […]

Santiago Islands | Galapagos

Santiago Island, tips before you travel there

Santiago is one of the marvelous islands in the Ecuadorian Archipelago, Galapagos Islands. It is the fourth largest island, with 585 square kilometers (226 sq mi), dominated by a volcanic dome surrounded by small cones. Along with some of the large western volcanoes of Isabela Island and Fernandina, Santiago is also volcanically active. Named Santiago in honor of […]

swimming amoung sharks galapagos

Galapagos story: Swimming among sharks

Immerse yourself in comfort in one of the last places on earth that is totally wild and pristine by taking a pilgrimage far off the beaten path. Today’s story: “Swimming among sharks” Finally my dream came true!!! Swimming with sharks!….. What an excitement…. While having my nutritious breakfast at the Galapagos Seaman Journey I was […]


Darwin finch, an icon of Galapagos

Darwin’s finches are a beautiful kind of bird that can be found in Galapagos Islands, but, besides their beauty there is another reason why travelers come to know them. To Darwin, studying Galapagos finches was very important to develop his Theory of Evolution. Know more about Darwin finch, an icon of Galapagos! They are an extraordinary example of how natural […]

Which adventure activities can I do in Galapagos

Which adventure activities can I do in Galapagos?

The Galapagos Islands is so diverse that you can find Active volcanoes Flaunt beautiful beaches Stunning wildlife reserves Awesome underwater wolrd Delicious Food …And much more There are countless amazing places around the world where you can travel and enjoy adventure while living wildlife contact, but no one like Galapagos. With that said, even when you […]

Galapagos Islands trip | Galapagos Cruises

Traveling to Galapagos in September

September is a special month in Galapagos due to the decrease in visitors, some people call it low season, and we understand the reasons. The holidays end in many countries, the colleges and schools return to classes and most people are not thinking of traveling or vacations. Also, there is also a global tendency to […]