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Hakuna Matata Amazon Lodge

Hakuna Matata Amazon Lodge

A unique spot for pleasure-lovers. In the heart of Ecuador, off the beaten tourist paths, you will find a place where nothing is obligatory, but everything is possible!. Hakuna Matata Amazon Lodge, from absolute relaxation to total adrenaline.

At only 10 km from Tena, the capital of the absolutely safe Napo Province, this private hacienda of approximately 150 ha is the perfect place to enjoy to the fullest a never-ending series of activities, which this area lends itself to more than any other. Hakuna Matata lies on the shores of the crystal-clear Inchillaqui River, at an altitude between 1968 and 2789 feet, which makes it free of all tropical diseases.

We contrast with all other destinations in the Amazon because of our dedication to real ecotourism (the property itself and selected excursions), respect for our employees, culture, nature conservation and improvement (reforestation, etc).We also offer a personal service, high-quality accommodation, superior meals, unique activities, and excursions. Hakuna Matata has a unique swimming pool, for guests only. Warm spring water (about 77° F / 25° C) flows into the 88 feet long and 72 feet wide pool night and day. With a depth ranging from 1 to 7 feet, the pool is great for swimming, diving or just splashing around. From the pool, there is a spectacular view of the Llanganati mountains. Deck chairs nearby hammocks and a massage bench are perfect spots for relaxing.

Cabañas Hakuna Matata’, ‘Hakuna Lodge’ and ‘Hakuna Supreme’ offer you spacious rooms with hot shower and toilet. Excellent mattresses and a mosquito-free stay guarantee you the rest you deserve!

Our famous restaurant ‘Pangaea’ serves absolutely delicious meals from all corners of the world. You will be pampered with top- quality products. The bar offers soft drinks, fresh juices, cocktails, and beers. Our liqueur and wine selection are truly unique in Ecuador! Hygiene and freshness are Hakuna Matata’s priorities. Salads and ice cubes are no longer taboo here!

In the middle of the beautiful flora and fauna on our property, you can go for a walk, with or without a guide and ride a horse. All activities are adapted to the interests and possibilities of our guests. The crystal-clear water of the unpolluted Inchillaqui River and the white sand beach guarantee you that real relaxation is no longer an illusion. Feel free to enjoy!

In the immediate proximity of your cabaña and the beach, you will find pre-Columbian petroglives. Age-old tools and potsherds are regularly found on our property. Even anthropologists, biologists, and ornithologists have lost their hearts in Hakuna Matata.

We offer several kinds of jungle trips: compact and interesting day trips, as well as customized adventure trips of several days. Our location near the Amazon, professional multilingual guides from the region and our motivation to offer added value, allows us to offer you a wide range of possibilities to discover and enjoy the flora, fauna, culture and adventure you have been looking for.

We work together with the organizer of the 2005 rafting world championship, for both rafting and kayaking. Our specialized guides organize unforgettable canyoning trips, and unique ULM flights over the Amazon.

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