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who thought learning could
be this fun
an interactive immersive experience
Latin Trails’ latest educational adventure designed for kids to feel and live the
Galapagos islands while learning about the world’s most well preserved natural
Latin Trails’ Immersive
Educational Experience for the
young ones
Yes, learning
can be this fun
Embark on a virtual journey to the Galapagos Islands with Seaman Kids! Our interactive multimedia material, including presentations and videos, is perfect for summer fun for children of all ages!
Galapagos kids summer promo
Make memories through interaction
Latin Trails’ Seaman Kids is our latest program on board our Catamaran designed to give children of all ages a learning, fun and engaging experience that will make the Galapagos memorable!
Galapagos kids summer promo
Special Learning on Board
With out interactive program, kids will spare no boredom while the cruise navigates
sea lion galapagos
Galapagos Experts
Our naturalist guides will act as the fun subsistute teacher this summer, making you a Galapagos Expert!
Galapagos kids summer promo
Perfect for all ages
No matter the age, this program will sure keep even the adult ones can learn in a fun way more about the Galapagos!