Reasons Why Travel Agencies Should Hire a Local DMC in Ecuador & Peru


There are many ways to organize a travel. Nowadays, with all the information available on the Internet, many people plan their travels using webs, blogs or Youtube videos. It is true that there are a lot of valuable contents online, but some aspects of travelling are only known by travel agents or destination management companies.

Travel agents need the support of local destination management companies to guarantee travelers’ satisfaction, since local DMCs have a wide-range of experience over the conditions and touristic resources of a region. For this reason, whether you are a particular or a travel agent, you should consider asking a local destination management company.

3 Reasons to hire a local DMC


A local DMC has extensive knowledge of the services available and the special news about any place and event. For example, a local DMC knows details about traffic patterns, temporary situations, etc. At the same time, a local DMC holds the responsibility of any request or issue that the tourist might have during the trip. Moreover, a local DMC can hire local people and businesses with more criteria, referred to quality and also to trust and responsible tourism. At the same time, local DMCs can offer special advices related to their information about the culture of the place, or even some risks and key information.


Local DMCs know seasonal events and different data from the country that can be useful before deciding when is a good time to travel. For example, if someone wants to travel to Ecuador and wants to see the typical traditions, then it will be better to visit the country during a popular festivity, such as the Day of the Dead or the Mama Negra.


There are many ways of travelling, but one of the most unforgettable travels are those in which visitors connect with the real day-by-day of the local communities. There are some special restaurants, cafes, shops, monuments, hotels, parks, beaches, events or activities that are only known by local people, so a DMC that lives in that place can offer valuable information for the most exigent travelers.

If you want to travel to Ecuador or Peru, our local DMC is available for travelers and operators. Don’t hesitate to contact us to ask for a tailor-made trip that suit your schedule, budget, and interests.

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