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The Galapagos Sea Star Journey, Cruise of the Month

The Galapagos Islands have approximately 90 vessels of different types, capacities, and categories. Hence, standing out from the crowd is a hard work to do, but it is not impossible. In the May/June 2018 edition of the renowned Cruise Travel Magazine, published in the US, the Galapagos Sea Star Journey appears as a Cruise of the Month.

It is a huge compliment not only for this boutique yacht but also for the Galapagos Islands being featured in this important magazine.


US travelers are one of the top three international visitors that come every year to the Enchanted Islands and make their bucket list trip come true.

Every year more than 150.000 foreigners’ visitors come to the Galapagos Islands looking forward to experiencing a memorable trip of a lifetime. According to the Galapagos Directorate Authority, in 2017 enter the archipelago more than 167.000 tourists, which represents an increase of 11.51% in comparison with the numbers for 2016 visitors. In fact, international travelers represent 69% of the total of incoming visitors to the archipelago.

In this case, people from the US are one of the top three nationalities that comes to Galapagos year after year. Hence this mention on Cruise Travel Magazine it is very important for showing this traveler market the facilities and type of services that a person can expect aboard the award-winning Galapagos Sea Star Journey yacht.

Along the article, readers can not only feel the emotion of cruising the archipelago but also understanding part of the regulations that rule tourists’ behavior within the islands, the type of rare wildlife that can be watched during the journey, as well as the tips that visitors should be aware of before starting to plan their cruise trip.

Are you thinking about traveling to Galapagos & Ecuador
Let us know your budget, and we can build a tailor-made tour for you.

Are you thinking about visiting the Galapagos Islands?


If your answer is yes, you should decide which travel option is the best for you and the experiences that you expect to have.

There is the cruising option that we have been talking through this post, and it was perfectly portrayed on Cruise Travel Magazine. There is also the option of organizing a Land Based Tour in Galapagos, ideal for those travelers that would like either extend their cruise experience by staying some days in one of the main inhabited islands of the archipelago or staying in a hotel and do the activities that they want when they want. But, beware that one of the cons of this last trip option is that you cannot visit the far interesting sites of the islands, such as Genovesa Island or Tagus Cove.

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