Quito Six Senses Tour

Six Senses Tour Quito is a unique and innovative program that is fixed with psycho-sensory experiences in which every perceptive human senses are involved. The Six Senses Tour Quito was born as an innovative experience program by Latin Trails, which Psychology and sensitive methods are combined; giving to our guests a complete life experience on ancient places and typical meals in the marvelous City of Quito.

01 Sensorial

Hands on to feel the textures of Quito as you learn and experience adventure and culture.

02 Listen

The sounds of the city, the Andes and history

03 Taste

Enjoy the culinary delights on tasting journeys that bring you to the world’s best chocolate, legendary deserts, and fine coffee.

04 Colonial

Get a birdseye view of the city and come in close on to colonial art crafted by both indigenous hands with European influence

05 Aromas

Exotic perfumes for Ecuador’s 4 world’s orchids, exotic fruit, algae and more blend to elevate your senses

06 Love

The sixth sense is made up of love and the heart Ecuadorians put into everything they do


Chocolate - Six Senses

CHOCOLATIER FOR A DAY 01,02,03,04,05,06 

This is one of our most sensorial and complete experiences, learn how to make the world’s best chocolate bars and truffles. Involves all 5 senses + love for one of the world’s favorite desserts

Tea - Six senses

TEA TIME 03,04,05,06 

Enjoy a sommelier guided sampling of the different herbal varieties that grow from the high Andes to the tropical lowlands. Exotic flavors and aromas.

Barista Six senses

NEW WORLD BARISTAS 03, 04,05,06 

Some of the best coffee now grows in Ecuador, our baristas have chosen the ideal altitude, wind factor and soil to select the perfect bean and with world class grinding and processing coffee is an art.

Quesadillas - six senses

NEW WORLD BARISTAS 03, 04,05,06 

Some of the best coffee now grows in Ecuador, our baristas have chosen the ideal altitude, wind factor and soil to select the perfect bean and with world class grinding and processing coffee is an art.

Beer - Six senses

BEER FEST 03,04,05,06 

Award winning beers come from unique blends, glacier water, Andean winds and grains blended with European lipids make Quito’s artisan breweries a great new trend.

tortillas de tiesto - six senses

CLAY BAKED TORTILLAS 01,02,03,04,05,06

A unique recipe and hands on with one of our favorite chefs brings back the Quiteño tradition of afternoon tortillas with Chuspa Coffee. Delightful.

Paila ice cream - six senses

ECUADORIAN ICE CREAM 01,03,04,05,06 

Enjoy a unique ancient way to make ice cream in a golden bowl right in front of your eyes, in a very cozy atmosphere.

Jugos naturales - six senses

MIX THE NATURE 01,03,04,05,06

This is a very special method of making juice with fruits that usually are not seen back home

Andean sushi - six senses

ANDEAN SUSHI 01,03,04,05,06 

Is the fusion of representative ingredients of the Andean region creatively crafted into sushi rolls representative of Japan, enjoy the gastronomic culture of Ecuador in a way never experienced before.


Fragancia - six senses

MAKE YOUR OWN PERFUME 01,02,04,05,06 

Express your feelings with aroma; blend the exotic smells of the Andes, Amazon, Coast and Galapagos Islands into a unique perfume with your name.


Church - six senses


After visiting the amazing gold leaf art in Quito’s churches, we head to the workshops where restoration art is performed. Learn how to create jewelry and other metal works

Toy - Six senses

TOYS FOR EVERYONE 01,02,04,06 

A toy master, almost pulled out of the famous Pinocchio movie this modern day gepetto brings back tops, baleros and other artisan crafted toys for all ages.

Mad hatter - six senses

THE MAD HATTER 01,04,06 

The visit to this hat factory, will allow visitors to review the different moments in the history of the Ecuadorian hat, their uses and how designs have been adapted to modern times.


Another ancient art and exotic woods come together to restore colonial treasures, but also to create new pieces. This workshop displays the colonial woodcarving process and offers lessons.


Learn about the unique Equatorial bees, no stinger, and local varieties of honey from exotic Andean and amazon flowers. Make your own soap bars, desserts or cosmetics.




Feel the butterflies in your stomach as you ascend the foothills of Pichincha volcano in one of the modern gondolas of Quito’s Teleferico. Astounding views of the city, it’s surrounding volcanoes and Andean valleys. Once at the top you can decide to hike to the crater of Pichincha volcano.

Guayasamin - six senses


Visit one of the cities many museums, churches or galleries for a curated tour of the masterpieces that emerged from the blending of Andean roots and European baroque art. MA and PhD. Level guides.


Misquilla - Six senses


Listen to the folk music of the highlands while sipping a typical “canelazo” (cinnamon and sugar cane liquor cooked with Andean fruit) or enjoying the gourmet cuisine of the Andes. You also delight your eyes with typical costume spinning around in ancient dances. You may also be invited to be part of the show.

Serenata-Six Senses


A romantic experience for honeymooners, anniversaries or other special occasions. An interactive serenade with you selection o of songs dedicated to your loved one. At dinner, at your hotel or during your tour.

Quito Ecuador

✔ This unique adventure for the senses takes you on a curated walk through the winding streets of downtown Quito. Together we will uncover traditions, history and local life of this enchanting city, as we explore the streets of the historic district, we will enter artisan shops, chocolate factories and hidden sweet shops on a trip that covers the past, present and future of Ecuador’s beautiful capital. 

We start on the San Juan hill by visiting the Cobo family’s pastry shop, at this small bakery we will learn the process of making the traditional Quesadilla, one of Quito’s favourite deserts. We will get a chance to taste this delicacy and other original treats. 

Our second stop is a surprise visit to the ancient location of the temple of the moon, here we will experience “El Torno”, a Latin Trails exclusive attraction that takes us into the city’s past while affording expansive views of the amazing domes and rooftops that furnish the skyline. 

Our route takes us through the street of the seven crosses, we will enjoy views of the facades of old colonial homes and churches on our way to the central plaza. 

Our next experience will take us to the very origin of the golden seed “Cacao”, we will visit the workshop of the world’s best Chocolate Bar: “Pacari”! chocolate boasts several gold medals at global competitions. Before we get a taste of this unique delicacy we will be introduced to the process of making our own truffles, we get a chance to be a chocolatier for a day and mix up exotic fruits, herbs and spices with the famous “Arriba” cocoa beans. All this while learning the entire process from the bean to the bar. 

As we continue through these historic streets we get a chance to meet a local family that makes their living by creating traditional sweets called Colaciones!. 

We will walk deeper into the heart of Quito, passing by historic buildings made of volcanic stones, the stunning views of the sculpted Compania Church will leave you longing for a visit of its interiors. To learn more about this and other churches we will make our way to the workshops of the master craftsmen from “The Escuela Quiteña”, these artists keep the secrets of the colonial art in Quito’s churches and museums, they are the people who have been in charge of restoring the altars and painting in these historic gems. They will share their secrets with us and allow us to try our artistic skills to create our very own crafts. 

Our final experience is at the handmade hat workshop, we will get a briefing on the traditional hats from Quito’s historic timeline as well as the distinctive headwear from the different ethnic groups that make up Ecuador’s live culture. We take part in the hat making process. 

This is our suggested routing, of course it can be tailored and designed to cover your expectations of the city, we have dozens of experiences to chose from and we can replace any of the above with your favourite. 

Latin Trails six senses tour will allow you feel, listen, taste, smell and see Quito. The six sense? The love Ecuadorians put into everything we do and we are willing to share with our guests.

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