Vilcabamba a Relaxing Destination, Madre Tierra Resort

Vilcabamba, a relaxing destination, is just 38kms away from Loja at the south of Ecuador. The village has become increasingly famous among foreign visitors and expats. In fact, it´s considered for international travelers a must along with the gringo trail from Ecuador to Peru. The valley has a very pleasant weather and tranquil ambiance, with plenty routes for trekking and horseback rides. Another highlight of this Andean area is the Podocarpus National Park. This park is considered the ‘Botanical Garden of America’ thanks to its diverse biodiversity. Vilcabamba is also known as the Valley of the Immortals. It became famous in the mid 60´s when researchers found out that most of the local people in this village live over 100 years. This curiosity it is attributed to the healthy climate and excellent drinking water. Also help the physical activity, a balanced diet, and the lack of stress.

Madre Tierra Resort & Spa

The agreeable weather, the beautiful mountains, and the great biodiversity has helped Vilcabamba to become a tourist destination in Ecuador. Thus, there is an interesting tourist offer for travelers. One of the properties that have an interesting offer is Madre Tierra Resort & Spa, located 2 km away from Vilcabamba.

Madre Tierra Resort & Spa, Vilcabamba - Ecuador

Madre Tierra Resort & Spa View

Madre Tierra Hotel is part of a tropical farm, and staying here is definitely the best way to experience the Andes. The hotel has a beautiful view to the landscaped with exotic flower gardens as well as great facilities for relaxation. It also has swimming pools and shaded hammocks from where guests can experience the astonishing view of the valley.

Madre Tierra Resort, Double Room, Vilcabamba

Double Room – Madre Tierra Resort & Spa

Madre Tierra Resort is the best option for relaxing. The hotel offers wellness treatments surrounded by mountains, gardens, and nature. They help guests to revitalize their body & soul with positive energies in an ambiance of lush greenery and soft music. But not everything is relaxation. The hotel offers the options to do mountain bike, horseback rides, and discover the biodiversity around the Podocarpus National Park’s lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. If you are looking for having a holistic experience while you are traveling to Ecuador, or on your way to Peru, don´t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help you to set your trip program in Ecuador. We are a specialist in tailor made tours, always taking into consideration your interests and needs.

Vilcabamba valley


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