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The best beaches for relaxing in Galapagos

The best beaches for relaxing in Galapagos


Are you ready to discover the most spectacular beaches in Galapagos Islands? Know the best beaches for relaxing in Galapagos. The ecuadorian Archipelago is one of the favourite tourists destinations. A big part of the visitors go there to observe and appreciate their natural wonders, the perfect scenario for relaxing and disconnecting. The Enchanted Islands are a paradise for those who look for breathtaking landscapes and crystal clear beaches, surrounded by spectacular exotic animals.

Galapagos Beaches

  • Santa Cruz Island

Tortuga Bay is a beautiful beach with white sand. It is called with this name due to the important presence of the black turtle population in this area. You can enjoy “playa mansa”, an special zone of the beach that is very good for tanning and sunbathing. It is also a great place for surfing and snorkelling.

Garrapatero is a marvelous and exotic beach, with very warm water and a great wildlife. One of the most particular animals there are the flamingos,  with their typical habit of standing on one leg while the other is beneath their body.

  • Española Island, the Jewel of Galapagos

Located at the south side of the archipelago, Española has a high number of endemism, due to the isolation of this island from the rest. For this reason, the beaches in this island are a paradise of biodiversity. You will be amazed by beaches like Bahía Gardner. Relax and sunbathe in a marvelous white sand, in company of sea lions and a marvelous sight. This beach was chosen in 2013 by the CNN as one of the 25 best beaches in the world for its incredible flora and fauna.

  • San Cristobal Island

Punta Carola is a marvelous beach in San Cristobal, famous around the world, specially for surfing. It is also a great beach for walking on sunshine, with the marine iguanas lying on rocks and sea lions resting on the sand.

Another breathtaking spot is Puerto Chino, with incredible wildlife to enjoy the sight while relaxing and swimming.

  • Bartolome Island

Bartolomé Island has a volcanic cone that provides great views of the other islands. For travelers who look for total relax and a peaceful seaside, this island has two wonderful beaches. The North beach has a quiet water to swim and dive, perfect for enjoying the sight of colorful fishes and penguins. The other beach, at the South, is not for swimming, as it is not allowed, but it has an emblematic rock called Pinnacle Rock, formed by lava many years ago, and a symbol of Galapagos Islands.

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Rules in the Galapagos National Park