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Ultimate Guide For Travel Agents Booking A Galapagos Cruise For Their Clients

Navigating the vast selection of Galapagos adventures for your clients can feel overwhelming, right? We get it because we’ve navigated these waters ourselves. Through our journey, we’ve gathered insights and tips to streamline the booking process for travel agents like you. From selecting the ideal cruise to making sure your clients come back with stories they’ll never forget, our guide is […]

Machu Picchu | Peru Inca Ruins | Tours Packages

Exploring the history of Peru by foot

When you think of Peru, the famous Inca Trail most likely comes to mind. Built by the Incan Empire over 500 years ago, the four-day expedition is one of the most desired hikes for intrepid explorers.

Seaman Journey’s chef

The Heart of the Seaman Journey Kitchen in Quito

The Seaman Journey’s chef, Henry Alvarado, is in charge of enticing guests with his culinary creations and Ecuadorian cuisine.

ITB 2023-Travelife Award Ceremony

Latin Trails New Travelife Partner

Travelife is the leading international sustainability certification for the travel sector, which has developed with the support of the European Commission.

Giant Tortoise | Galapagos National Park

6 National Parks To Visit In South America

South America is known for its incredibly diverse landscapes, captivating cultures, differing climates, great food and being home to some world-famous travel destinations.

Machu Picchu | Peru Inca Ruins | Tours

Off the Beaten Path – Connecting with Nature in Peru

Peru is notable for so many things, including some of the most incredible man-made sights in the world!

Quito Ecuador

End of Protests in Ecuador

The tourism industry celebrates the end of protests and come back to normal activities in affected provinces


The emblematic and delicious Peruvian ceviche

If Peru were to be known by one thing, the two first names that could easily pop up in our minds are: food and Macchu Picchu.

Quilotoa Cotopaxi Tourist

Quilotoa, turquoise paradise: Mysticism, activities, and recommendations

This beautiful lagoon is known for its icy winds and beautiful scenery.