Quito Ecuador

End of Protests in Ecuador

  • The tourism industry celebrates the end of protests and come back to normal activities in affected provinces
  • Ecuador remains open to tourism and welcomes all travelers

The long-awaited day has arrived for all citizens of Ecuador and for the local and international tourism industry as well! Ecuador’s government has successfully reached an agreement with demonstrators to stop the protests immediately across the affected provinces and allow for all activities to come back to normal. All regions in Ecuador continue opened to tourism during the protest days and local authorities secured travelers’ safety and kept airports and travel services fully operational. “We welcome the end of the protests and send a message of confidence to all travelers that booked their vacations or plan to travel soon to Ecuador: Ecuador is free of protests; all activities are back to normal, and we welcome you with open arms.

Come visit us to discover 4 worlds of authentic experiences and amazing adventures for your holidays!”, said Niels Olsen, Minister of Tourism. Between July and September, Ecuador is the scene of fascinating events due to its climate and privileged location. It’s the best time for visiting the Amazon basin, enjoying the Galapagos Islands, trekking in the Andes, adventure on the Pacific coast for dolphin and whale watching or Guayaquil’s celebrations during July, with colorful parties, processions and fireworks displays. You are in for incredible wildlife spotting year-round in the Galapagos Islands and don’t forget the Amazon that will always surprise you with rich flora, fauna, landscapes and variety of activities to realize.

The best time to visit Ecuador is right now!

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