ITB 2023-Travelife Award Ceremony

Latin Trails New Travelife Partner

Travelife is the leading international sustainability certification for the travel sector, which has developed with the support of the European Commission. Over 35 national travel associations are promoting the program to their members including ABTA, The British Travel Association, and PATA, the Pacific Asian Travel Association.

Latin Trails fulfills- more than 100 criteria related to an operator’s office management, product range, international business partners, and customer information. The Travelife standard fully complies with the UN-supported Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria and covers the ISO 26000 Corporate Social Responsibility themes including:

1.- Environment

2.- Biodiversity

3.- Human rights

4.- Working environments

Latin Trails has received The Travelife Partner award as a recognition for the long-term efforts and leadership position of Latin Trails regarding sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our certification process culminated with the awarding of the recognition during ITB BERLIN 2023 on Tuesday 07 March, we are proud to have fulfilled the requirements of the certification process and we are happy to share this recognition to motivate the tourism sector to adopt sustainable practices and actions.

Latin Trails | Travellife award
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Besides being an ideal option for friends and families looking for a private and exclusive trip in the Galapagos Islands, we comply daily with actions focused on sustainability, for example, we do not use liquid ballast for the operation and the cleaning of tanks is done exclusively during the dique, the catamaran uses good quality fuel, as well as a certificate from the manufacturer that validates the machinery of the boat as a minimum polluting component.

We have our own vegetable orchards, where we harvest produce such as lettuce, tomatoes, lemons, oranges, etc. Focused on promoting employment in the region and sustainable economic growth, 80% of our staff are locals.


Through ILLA we want our neighbors, our locals, and our community to grow as they do what they do: preserve our culture and traditions through their work. We have agreements with more than 10 local artisans and with the foundation Muchachos Solidarios.

Since the beginning of the hotel’s operation, we have adopted ecological measures focused on saving water and energy. We have incorporated low-capacity flush toilets and faucet faucets that considerably reduce the amount of water used. Our rooms have motion sensors that turn on the lights, and we have an intelligent air conditioning system such as underfloor heating, avoiding the use when no one is in the room.

We have also reduced the use of plastic to a minimum, the discarded material is collected and recycled.


This wonderful lodge located in the province of Napo is a true paradise hidden in the Ecuadorian jungle. Committed to caring for the region and supporting its inhabitants we have several actions and measures focused on sustainability and improving the lifestyle of the people.

All our staff is 100% native, with all legal benefits and labor guarantees. The lodge supports natural employment, so all the ingredients and products required for the restaurant are bought from local farmers and fishermen.

We reduce the use of chemicals to a minimum, and for this, we have a plantation of heliconias that works as a natural repellent, the pool water comes from a natural source in the mountain so no chlorine is used. Hakuna Matata also reduced the use of plastics to a minimum and has adopted a rigorous policy of recycling cartons, metals, and batteries in order to support the care of the Ecuadorian Amazon.


Latin Trails and Illa Experience Hotel, have joined efforts and objectives to support local communities and thank them for their efforts in local tourism. The NESTS community project aims to discover and support young gastronomic talent from the most remote communities in all regions of Ecuador.

Every 6 months 2 students will be chosen, paying salary, studies, and accommodation, they will have the opportunity to learn from the expert and renowned Chef Juan Carlos Donoso from INES restaurant, who will accompany them during their journey. Every two years the best student will be chosen, recognizing their commitment and effort to national gastronomy through the construction of a restaurant in their community, supporting sustainable economic growth and improving the lifestyle of the area.

Seaman Journey | Illa Experience Hotel | Hakuna Matuta

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