After one year of being closed, the Cotopaxi Volcano is now open

After one year of being closed, the Cotopaxi Volcano is now open


Due to the increasing volcanic activity that the Cotopaxi Volcano had in August 2015, the Cotopaxi National Park (CNP) was closed to any touristic activity. Nonetheless, on August 5th 2016, the Geophysics Institution of Ecuador,the Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Tourism and the Risk Management Sub-Secretary Section, has announced the reopening of the National Park. They also informed that the accessing routes and touristic attractions in the park are safe for the incoming tourists.

The Cotopaxi National Park Reopens its doors

After one year closed, the volcanic activity has decreased in the Cotopaxi, so the yellow alert is over, and 90% of the restricted areas to the public are now open. In this opening stage, it has been implemented some improvements, according to the CNP, in terms of Early Alarm System, Information Signal in strategic places, continue monitoring the process, and the adequacy and inspection of touristic facilities and routes.

It is important to highlight that according to Mr. Fernando Alvarado, current Ministry of Tourism of the Ecuador, the only area that remains closed due to the emanation of gases, is the Cotopaxi Summit. Additionally, Mr. Walter Garcia, current Ministry of Environment, mentioned that some of the activities that tourist can do in the CNP are trekking, horse ride, mountain bike, and camping.

The Cotopaxi National Park is one the most important tourist attraction in Ecuador, after the Galapagos Islands. Finally, with the objective to promote the country worldwide, the Cotopaxi is going to be the scenery for the Cycling Tour next 12 and 13 of November 2016, with the participation of national and international athletes.

Source: Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism