Top Best Quito monuments to visit

Top Best Quito monuments to visit


Quito is one of the favorite destinations of Latin America, as it was considered World Heritage by UNESCO. What makes the capital of Ecuador so attractive for visitors? The city was built in the XVI Century, over the ruins of an Inca city. It represents an harmonic mix between History, nature and modernism. In fact, Quito has the best-preserved colonial downtown in Latin America, but beyond the Inca ruins, the city has an incalculable legacy of Baroque monuments combined with the traditional Ecuadorian origins.

Top best Quito monuments to visit if you travel there


The sculpture was created in the XVIII Century by Bernardo de Legarda and more than 7,400 pieces give its amazing shape. It is the best example of the Baroque adaptation that Ecuadorian sculptors of the XVIII Century got, creating the “Quito School of Art”. The monument is a big mosaic made with aluminium, in three dimensions, with 45 meters of height. This sculpture is not only interesting as an artistic monument, but also for the religious interest. Another good reason to visit the Virgin of the Panecillo is because of its view, definitely one of the best landscapes of the capital of Ecuador.


A modern monument to visit in Quito for those who love paintwork and architecture is the Chapel of Man, a big complex created to connect the pre-columbian historical roots with the contemporary human being. The original architectural design was created by the Ecuadorian artist Oswaldo Guayasamín. Inside the museum, the visitor can see a lot of paintings of different ages, from pre-Hispanic era until today.


The catholic Church of the Society of Jesus, well known as “la Compañía”, is considered the jewel of America, and the most important piece of Baroque art in Latin America. The monument was inspired in two Roman Jesuit Churches (the Chiesa del Gesù (1580) and the Chiesa di Sant’Ignazio di Loyola (1650). It is the most decorated church of Quito, with gold leaf, wood carvings and gilded plaster. The main altar is a marvelous piece that will leave you breathless.


This temple of San Francisco is one of the most beautiful monuments of the city, built in the XVI Century. This is the first church of Latin America with mannerists elements.With an austere facade, the interior of this church is profusely decorated, specially influenced by Spanish Baroque art, but also decorated with mudejar influences, such as the chorus´case or the roof.


There are a lot of interesting legends related to the difference between North and South of the Planet. For example, is it a myth or is it real that an egg can stay quiet in the middle of the World? Does water falls differently in each pole? Answer these questions by yourself if you visit the monument and the museum of the Middle of the World, in Quito. The visitors can do different tests by themselves, and there are curious historic elements, such as a solar watch among others. Don’t hesitate to contact us to ask for a tailor-made trip that suit your schedule, budget, and interests. Our DMC is available for travelers and operators.