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Top reasons for taking a cruise with the Seaman Journey

The Seaman Journey is classified as a first class motor yacht, operating in the Galapagos archipelago since 2012. It Is considered an expedition cruise, which means that the ship is the medium of transportation to its destination, in this case the islets, and islands of the national park reserve.

The cruise is been characterized as an exclusive fraternity onboard that gathers together all passengers, making them feel like a family, while the majestic journey on the islands continues along the Pacific ocean.

Your experience onboard the Seaman Journey will be coordinated amid the exotic expeditions you are about to witness during your itinerary, along with a charming environment.

On your daily expeditions , you will visit some islands where you will learn more about their unique flora and fauna, in which you can find different species of birds, land iguanas, sea iguanas, giant tortoise, sea lions, the Galapagos ´penguin and more friendly creatures that are going to enchant you with their peacefulness and friendly approach to outsiders.

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At some point, your itinerary will take you to one of the Charles Darwin Research Stations, where you are going to encounter different kinds of the famous Galapagos tortoise in captivity. Here, you will see the different stages of development of the tortoise from a small egg to the first days of life until they get a mature age in which are reintroduced into their island of origin.

As a complement of this wonderful archipelago, you will have the opportunity to explore the marine world by doing some snorkeling after each expedition. Galapagos marine life is one of the best secrets kept from the rest of the world.

While on the ocean, you can swim with the white tip sharks, as well as the black tip sharks that will impress you with their sizes. Even though, they are friendly creatures , is always better to keep some distance. Their mystic movements make you feel their strong energy under the water. We suggest you to swim slowly, while you are nearby them

The coral fishes are part of the marvelous scenario that you are going to see, while you are underwater. Their marvelous bright colors will make you feel in a exotic paradise along the calm waters of the Pacific ocean.

Back on the surface and onboard, perhaps the main difference that you are going to encounter inside the “Seaman Journey”, when compare with others catamaran yachts in the region, is the open and friendly environment of its crew with the mere purpose to share and educate our passengers with our vision and mission in our service, regarding the biodiversity of the Archipelago as a top destination for international tourists.

As an add value of our service onboard, the chef will interact every morning with our passengers during breakfast by serving and cooking their scrambled eggs with organic vegetables seeded in the orchards of Santa Cruz island. Here, our passengers will know more about the skills and willingness of our chef to learn from other cultures.

Seaman Journey Galapagos Cruise

Our purpose relies in the approach of propelling the Nation´s brand through teaching our culture and history to foreigners through a variety of interactive activities onboard such as brief and simple cooking lessons from our most representative national dishes like the famous “ceviche”.

Cooking lessons is one of our main activities, and where one of our passengers help us as a volunteer in the gathering of ingredients and preparation of the “ceviche”, which is a cocktail seafood made of shrimp, shells, or raw fish. During the cooking show, our chef will guide the passenger step by step on how to prepare the famous seafood dish. Afterwards, all passengers would get the chance to taste the final outcome, and chat about the gastronomic experience.

Also, the popular Ecuadorian snacks are available after each expedition on the islands in order to delight our customers with the many choices of our local snacks that can be sweet or salty. A brief explanation would be given about the country´s region where the snacks originally come from, and how is prepared. Without a doubt, this approach will enhance the interest and curiosity of our foreign passengers about the diversities of the country.

Afterwards, our passengers can go up to the sun deck where they can lay down and relax in the chairs and sun beds available. However, during the evening, and in this same place, they can celebrate some special events that might vary according to the cruise itinerary such as the festivity of crossing over the Equator line in the archipelago, or the night stars where they can taste a hot beverage called “naranjillazo” which is an exotic fruit mix with alcohol.

As an enterprise committed to our social values and social responsibility, the Seaman Journey is by far, the only cruise that propels the Ecuadorian small farmer and entrepreneur by promoting their organic agricultural products such as dry fruits tea, which is made of a variety of exotic fruits from the highlands in Ecuador.

Seaman Journey Galapagos Cruise

Our objetive is your comfort

Each passenger will find in the cabins, a small pocket catalog with a sample of the tea. The catalog show 4 kind of exotic fruits, their origin and some history about where the fruits come from. Also passengers are able to taste during the whole trip the dry tea fruits, which is also easy to prepare.

In order to prepare the Tea beverage, you open the plastic bag, and deposit the dry fruit into a cup filled up with hot water. Instantly you will have your Tea ready to drink, and taste the many exotic flavors of Ecuador´s fruits. These fruits are harvest by the hands of small farmers without using any additives during the seedtime. Do not hesitate to visit this place catalogued by the New York Times newspaper as “once in lifetime” in its top list of destinations to visit this year. We can help you to realize your dreams by sailing all over these enchanted islands and within the parameters of your personal priorities.

So for all this, we encourage you to try the “Seaman Journey” cruise, if you think about visiting Ecuador and the Galapagos on your next trip. LATIN TRAILS assure that you will experience a lifetime expedition for the rest of your life.

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