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Traveling to Galapagos in September

Galapagos Islands trip | Galapagos Cruises

September is a special month in Galapagos due to the decrease in visitors, some people call it low season, and we understand the reasons. The holidays end in many countries, the colleges and schools return to classes and most people are not thinking of traveling or vacations. Also, there is also a global tendency to believe that the hottest months are the months that will allow you to enjoy your destination the most.
However, if you want to enjoy more your vacation, you will find out that traveling in September has some advantages that will make you enjoy your trip. Here are the main factors:

1. The weather is perfect in Galapagos

The temperature of the previous months may be too warm for many people. It can reach up to 44°C from December to March. In the month of September, the temperature is lower and cooler for walking and for other activities within the islands. Due to the fact that Galapagos is located close to the equatorial line, the climate throughout the year is generally warm, the lowest temperature is 15°C degrees, which is perfect for hiking. In September, the climate is approximately 20°C. Do you think that is cold? It’s great!

2. The passage of the Humboldt Current

Between the months of July to September, the Humboldt Current passes along the coasts of the Galapagos, which brings enough nutrients due to its high salinity. The maritime life will be in full swing and it will be easier to see animals than at another time. Galapagos is known to be an impressive natural aquarium, but in September, you will enjoy it to the fullest. The diversity around you and the adrenaline of being near animals that could not imagine having close as sharks, rays, sea lions, turtles, fish and much more, makes the snorkeling one of the most memorable experiences for visitors, especially during those 3 months.

3. There are less people

When you get to the Galapagos Islands, the first thing you want to do is take pictures of landscapes, animals and the environment, but what if there are other groups trying to take the same photo or see the same animals that you want to see? This month you won’t have this problem, therefore, you can enjoy the Galapagos without discomfort. Don’t be surprised to find yourself on a beach no one but your cruise companions. The cruise areas will also be less crowded and you enjoy the social areas with more privacy.

4. This is the month with the most promotions

If you are traveling during periods where the majority of people also travel, it is possible that the prices increase and the cabins on ships and hotels are booked with a lot of time in advance, but this month you can take advantage of offers or even pay for a lower priced room or cabin. This is the perfect month to find the best deals.

5. You can see the humpback whales very close to your yacht

From the south Pacific, you can see these amazing mammals migrating for mating season. They go through Chile and Peru to finally arrive in massive groups to the coasts of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. You can see them until the month of October.


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6. The tide starts to be smoother

Since May, the sea in Galapagos is quite restless and may cause more issues with dizziness to people traveling from one island to another. In September, the water level begins to drop again and it is easier to navigate in the sea.

7. Seabirds are very active

They are preparing for their nesting period. You can see them closely and in greater quantity.

8. Migratory birds start to return

After a period of absence, migratory birds begin to return, and by in the month of September you can enjoy their presence on the islands. It is a great time for the sighting of birds.

9. The most natural landscapes

Due to the fact that there are fewer visitors this month, many Galapagos boats leave for long maintenance, it is time to see the islands in perfect splendor. Landscapes free of boats and more relaxing sunsets will make you feel like you are in paradise.

10. Whale sharks

From the month of July until the end of September, you can view these amazing cetaceans through Galapagos. Most of them are pregnant females, so it is believed that the islands are the ideal place for their mating to take place.

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