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A new Approach to Business Tourism and Event Planning

Although the tourism industry has a variety of niches in the broad market, there are a few segments that are growing with promise of being successful in the short term future, as well as an important source in regards to the incoming flow of tourists in a particular destination. Nevertheless, the new approaches to business tourism focus mostly on the content and message that it wants to propel, as well as the environmental structure that is going to apply during the event along interactive activities between the lecture exponents and the public. Although leisure activities can be very helpful at times, it should not be confused as the same type of tourism. Business tourism is strongly related to the income generated by hotels, convention centers, and restaurants which are the services that business executives rely most while they participate in business meetings and congress abroad.

Nowadays the tourist consultants along with event planners have to give a personalized assessment to the event organizer and find out what messages is intended to be transmitted, as well as understand all the requests that the organizer want to get from the surroundings where the event is taking place.

The Business tourism segment is gaining market share worldwide, and as a matter of fact in Ecuador during the year 2012, the market share of this segment in the Capital city of Quito was 23%, which represents the third income source after leisure and relatives visiting.

According to statistics provided by Quito Turismo (a public institution based on the development of tourism in Ecuador), on the year 2011 Ecuador occupied 56th place out of 100 countries in managing Business tourism with a total of 30 events. Although the numbers on this segment are getting better in the country, nonetheless when compare with our neighbors in the region, the numbers are still competing to achieve the Excellency. For instance, Brasil occupied 7th place with a total of 304 events, Argentina with the 18th place with 186 events, Mexico with the 20th place with a total of 175 events, Colombia on the 32nd place with a total of 113 events, just to name a few.

Among the efforts of the Ecuadorian government and the city hall representatives of Quito to develop new convention centers with more capacity of people, the business tourism segment has potential to fully develop in the short term future.

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New projects

There are even new projects to build gigantic convention centers at the site where the old airport was located initially. These convention centers will lead the Ecuadorian business tourism market with a capacity around 3000 seats. In addition to the famous Ecuadorian miracle that is taking place nationwide in regards to the development in areas such as technology, education, tourism and infrastructure , without hesitation, it will catch the attention and interest from experts and professionals from abroad, increasing the market share within the business tourism industry in topics like academia, technology, and social medicine.

LatinTrails with more than 20 year in the local tourism industry has developed a solid network of tourist agents that can provide a personalized service and tailor-made packages for the business tourism segment that may include a city tour related to the purpose of the business event. Latin Trails can provide spaces for business meetings through an important alliance with the most exclusive hotels in the city, and convention centers in order to give an unique experience while enriching your knowledge from the congress and cultural surroundings of Ecuador.

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