The best times to visit Ecuador

Ecuador is fascinating during all the year, but there are some events and seasons that are perfect for visiting specific destinations in this small, action-packed South American country.


Ecuador’s climate varies by region, caused by the differences in altitude and latitude. As most of the country is in the southern hemisphere, June to September is considered to be winter, the opposite to the northern hemisphere. Ecuadorian winter is generally the dry season in warm climates, while the rest of seasons are generally the “wet seasons”.


In the Archipelago, the warmest months are from January to May. However, note that the lowest temperatures for the coolest months are not so cold, with more or less 15-18 º C from August to November.

Furthermore, remember that the peak seasons of visitors are from June to September, due to the North American and European holidays, so if you go in that dates it is important to book well in advance.


In Quito and highlands, the temperature is more stable, with around 20 ºC during all the year. Humidity and rains ascend from May to September. Pack umbrellas, layers and waterproof bags if you come during these months!


In Amazon, precipitations are very unstable, with special peaks in June and October. The temperature is lower than in the rest of the country, but more stable, with minimums of 10 ºC and maximum of 15ºC.


Two months before the beginning of Easter, the Catholic Church celebrates this festivity. Travelers who go to Ecuador during these days can enjoy the dancing, the masks and the wonderful costumes that they wear.

  • The Sun Party

Inti Raymi is one of the most important indigenous festivals, it is a historical tradition from the incas, but nowadays visitors can live it in Cusco and a lot of andean populations, if they travel there in June 24th.

In All souls’ Day, November 1st, people bring flowers and typical traditional food to the cemeteries, like guaguas bread and colada morada. Dresses and decoration are based on purple shades, as it represents a mourning color.

December 31st in Ecuador is like a combination of the 4th of July, Halloween and Christmas altogether. The main tradition in the country is that families and friends join together in a big fire, and they burn paper mache dolls. All the streets become colorful and funny, and many people wear masks or dolls that they have done. –

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