Bleisure, a new trend in travel industry

When we think about travelling, we normally imagine vacations, relax and fun. However, many people travel for business, and these kind of trips are frequently stressful. Furthermore, it is very frustrating to be in an amazing city and not having time to see it. For this reason, there is a new trending in business industry, called Bleisure. What is it about?

Bleisure is a word that combines business and leisure, and the concept has been developed as a consequence of an ascending demand. In a globalized world, where the boundaries between professional and personal life are not clear, it’s normal to see how leisure appears in business travels.

Imagine that you have to travel for attending a congress, and then you have the opportunity stretch your stay and relax after work. This is what bleisure offers.

Bussines and Relax

According to a study of Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) Solutions Group published in July 2016, there are some interesting findings about Bleisure, a new trend in travel industry:

  • It is specially popular among those who are not used to travel for business.
  • The likelihood of a bleisure trip increases with the distance: the more distance between the origin and the destination, the more bleisure travelers are found. International trips have rates more than three times higher than the rest.
  • The leisure part of the trip occur at the end of it in 46% of the cases, at the beginning of the trip in 34% of the cases and both at the start and the end in the 20% of the bleisure trips.
  • Female travelers are more likely to these kind of combinations, including leisure and business at the same trip.

These results are useful for travel agencies, in order to anticipate the needs of business travelers and to offer the most suitable services for each case.

Bleisure trips can be very positive for travelers, as they have the chance to work and relax during the same trip. It is also very useful for companies. If they book for one or two extra days, travelers can have a city tour, enjoy a nice dinner or relax in a spa. It is also positive for business, as they can attract and retain employees, and there are many researches that connect wellness and high performance.

There are another kind of business trips that have been increasing during the last years, and they are team building trips. Some companies invest in their staff, to promote good relationships and motivation, and a weekend together in a cruise is a good idea for these kind of experiences.

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