The 3 Galapagos islands that you cannot ignore

Galapagos is The Paradise! An exotic place, unique among other travel destinations around the world. It belongs to the Ecuadorian archipelago composed by 13 islands and a great number of islets. Today in this article we will focus on three spectacular islands to visit there. Don’t miss some of the best experiences of the Enchanted islands, for nature lovers, eco tourists or the kind of visitors who are looking for quiet holidays.

  1. Isabela Island

Isabela Island, also called Albemarle, is the biggest one, as it represents the 60% of the surface of Galapagos Islands. This is a great destination for visitors who enjoy the companionship of a great book, great view and a quiet moment to relax.

This island has spectacular volcanos such as Sierra Negra. The contrast between grey lava and the blue sea will probably leave you breathless.

Tintoreras is a relaxing beach, specially good for those who love nature or those who have a special interest in fauna. The crystalline seawater is full marine of wildlife. The beach and the sand are a marvelous nest for biodiversity, plenty of iguanas, seals, penguins and a wide range of birds.

The Flamingo Lake is another great place to visit, where visitors can watch the flamingos in their natural habitat.

For visitors who are interested in History, there are so many curiosities about the island, such as the wall that can be found at Isabela Island: the famous Wall of Tears, that was built there by prisoners when the islands were a jail.

  1. San Cristóbal Island

This island is another favorite destination for tourists, as it has marvelous coasts, such as Cerro Brujo, located on the northern coast of the Island. It is a great place for swimming, snorkelling, hiking and also for taking great photographs. It is also a great destination for ecotourists, for its variety of species and also for the important work of conservation that is done in the island.

LatinTrails’ tours include a day to visit Kicker Rock, an astonishing rock of an eroded volcano, surrounded by a spectacular landscape of colors, marine wildlife and relaxing beaches.

  1. Española Island

This island is considered the jewel of the Galapagos Islands! This island is famous for being the sole breeding ground for the entire population of the world’s Waved Albatrosses, considered a critically endangered specie. This part of the trip includes visiting Gardner Bay and Punta Suarez.

Gardner Bay is a paradise of giant tortoises and sea lions, all of them very tourist friendly. This is a perfect scenario for taking great photographs and live the nature at its highest point.

For visitors interested in biodiversity, the beach not only has an incredible marine wildlife, but also a lot of colorful species of birds, such as finches or the Galapagos Hawk.

For “free-souls” tourists! This island has a perfect spot: Punta Suárez, a marvelous rocky land that leave tourists breathless in every sense. It is necessary to wear a comfortable outfit to do this part of the trip.

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