Why are Galapagos so unique in the world?

There are many islands in the world, but among others, the Travel and Leisure’s readers chose Galapagos a year ago as the best islands of the world. With a score of 90,815, these islands are in the first place of the world’s ranking, above Bali, Maldivas, Tasmania, Greek Islands, etc.

Why is this Archipelago so popular and extraordinary? Why are Galapagos so unique in the world?

More than 200,000 tourists came to Galapagos in 2015, and this number increases every yearUNESCO declared them World Heritage in 1978. There are a lot of reasons why these Islands generate interest. Know the most commented by travelers!

Galapagos is unique


The 19 islands and many islets that are part of Galapagos Archipelago are the home of many exotic species. Many of this fauna is unique in the world, such as giant tortoises, marine iguanas, Galapagos penguins, mirror wing flying fishes, flightless cormorants, blue-footed boobies, Darwin’s finches… Plus, don’t forget the world’s only seafaring lizards and the Galapagos sea lions, among others.


There are many spectacular islands in the world, but the experience is not the same when you are surrounded by other tourists when you relax on the beach or dive in the sea. The protection politics of the Islands to conserve them and their species has attracted a specially eco-friendly tourism. At the same time, as they are located at the confluence of three ocean currents, Galapagos are very isolated. Furthermore, thanks to its location on the Equator, the islands have an equal 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night throughout the year.


Galapagos Islands boosted scientific progress, as Charles Darwin was amazed by them when he traveled there in the 19th Century. Most people don’t know the real reason why Darwin took his experience in Galapagos to develop the Evolution Theory. What amazed him was the fact that there were species that varied from island to island, such as the different types of finches that can be found there. Due to this biodiversity, these Islands have been called a unique ‘living museum and showcase of evolution’. If you visit Galapagos with a naturist guide, you will be able to see all these differences.


Another attraction of the island are their incredible volcanoes, which many years ago formed the islands. In Galapagos, travelers can see one of the most active hot spots of the world, with basaltic eruptions every few years. Geologically, the Galapagos Islands are very young, the oldest no more than five million years old and some of them still being formed, according to experts.

In fact, in the last 200 years there have been more than 50 eruptions. The highest volcano to visit there is the Volcán Wolf, with more than 1710 meters of height, and it can reach 35 degrees. Other well known volcanoes are Cerro Azul or the volcanic cone called Devil’s Crown, in Floreana Island.

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