June in Galapagos, the Beginning of the Dry Season

Galapagos is an extraordinary destination during all the year, however, June is one of the best moments to visit it. In general, there are two seasons in the islands. The first season is from December to June, and is known as the hot season. The second climatic season starts in June in Galapagos and it ends up in mid-December, and it is known as the dry season.

The best moment to visit the islands is in the transition between both seasons, so June is a good moment. Thanks to the special conditions of these transitions, there are many interesting natural events, related to the fauna.

The dry season, also called ‘garúa season’ is known for its blue skies and drizzle noon. During this season you can see a lot of species on the islands and the sea, such as giant turtles, humpback whales, blue-footed boobies, cormorants, oystercatchers, lava lizards, Galapagos hawks, masked boobies, swallow-tailed bifurcated, seals, lava herons brown noddies, Galapagos penguins, etc. Due to the water temperature during these months, this season is perfect for diving and snorkeling.

Special events during june in Galapagos

  • Giant tortoises on Santa Cruz Island migrate from the highlands to the lowlands in search of suitable nesting sites. Moreover, during this month, the nesting season of the giant tortoises begins.
  • Trade winds come back from the South-East, and at the same time the currents become stronger, so the waves increase.
  • Travelers can enjoy the company of magnificent frigate birds in Seymour North.
  • In general it is a good moment to visit Galapagos, as many species of birds migrate there during June, and the islands become a rest area for these birds.
  • Some species of cetaceans also follow this pattern of migration.
  • Some groups of humpback whales that migrate up to equatorial latitudes along the coast of Ecuador reach in many cases the Galapagos Islands too.

Don’t hesitate to come to Galapagos in June, especially if you come from Europe or the United States. This is a great time to start your holidays and discover Galapagos Islands. Besides, this is still a quiet time, as during August the number of tourists increase.

Our boutique yachts are a perfect scenario to discover Galapagos Islands. We have still some dates available in June. Come and enjoy this paradise of fauna and flora with us!

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