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Let’s Spread Health

2020 has begun in quite an odd way, am I right? No one, not a single soul could have imagined this was going to happen. Nevertheless history has shown us that we, humans, have been made in a way that we can stand and overcome many difficult and complicated times. Going back through the books and records, we can observe that humans are such strong beings.

It is easy to get lost in a lot of negativity and pessimistic thoughts, we wake up to news and go to sleep reading some news. Our minds are being constantly bombarded with so much information, so many articles that do indeed confuse our minds and disturb our line of thought. Nevertheless, we have to understand that we are strong and history has proven that. That is why, I encourage everyone reading this post to take on a new initiative:


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Now more than ever we need to combat all the negativity with positivity. We have to react, but let’s try to do our best to make sure that our reactions turn into proactions. This is the time to be empathetic by thinking about ourselves. It sounds a little contradicting, right? It is not however and here’s why.

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Have you ever heard that phrase that says that in order to love someone else, you need to love yourself? This is applicable now. Let’s ensure our future, a future for everyone. Taking care of our bodies, our energy sources by staying healthy, doing some exercise, eating mindfully. Taking care of our minds by thinking about the good that we can do in times like these. For instance, you may be inside your house doing home office, that does not mean you can’t cheer someone else, say hi to your neighbor, call that friend with whom you had not talked because you were busy working years ago.

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It is that energy, those type of thoughts that will make you healthy believe it or not. I am a strong believer that our inside will show sooner or later on the outside. If we take care of ourselves on the inside, those who surround us will notice and will get invaded by this feeling of living, of actually living our present. So, do you agree? Let’s spread health, let’s spread the good and the positivity because we know we will get through this.

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