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Quito, the leading destination in South America in 5 facts

Quito, the Light of America, is considered the leading destination of South America. This city is surrounded by volcanoes; it was founded in 1534 by Diego de Almagro while Sebastian de Benalcázar arrives with a bit more than two hundred people to establish the first Spaniard settlements. Nowadays, the city has evolved as a touristic destination due to its richest history and traditions. Every year many international travelers visit Quito. In fact, the city amused them with its historical buildings perfectly mixed with the modernity lifestyle. That´s why in recent years Quito has got the attention of the tourism industry worldwide, especially after winning the World Travel Award as a South America´s Leading Destination since 2013. This 2017, Quito is running its 05th nomination hoping to get its 5th award.

what makes of Quito a South Americas Leading Destination?

  1. It has one of the most preserved and biggest historical downtowns in South America recognized by the UNESCO as a world heritage site.
  2. It is near to the Cotopaxi Volcano and the Avenue of Volcanoes, catching the attention of hikers, rock climbers, and adventurers.
  3. It has a vibrant lifestyle for young people as well as an interesting concept for foodies and beer lovers with Bandido Brewery or the Laboratorio y Diseño Gastronómico a gastronomical lab with a rotate concept menu, both of them as an example.
  4. It is very close to other destinations of interests for travelers such as Otavalo and Mindo, both of them a must for visitors willing to understand not only the Andean culture but also
  5. It has a great variety of accommodation offers, so passengers can stay not only in cozy boutique hotels at the historical downtown but also in important hotel chains. In fact, 2017 is bringing newest and innovative options such as ILLA Experience Hotel.

The most important aspect is that Quito is evolving and offering great opportunities to travelers to discover this jewel hidden by volcanoes, conquered by Incas and Spaniards while the modernity takes its space. Definitely, Quito is the South Americas Leading Destination for travelers, and this 2017 hopefully will get its 5th award. For so, vote for Quito in the World Travel Award which is considered the Oscar of the Tourism Industry. However, Quito is not the only destination in Ecuador running for an award because Guayaquil, Cuenca, and the Galapagos Islands are also nominated in different categories. Also, there are local companies and products that are participating in the WTA 2017 such as Latin Trails as a South America´s Leading Tour Operator and the Galapagos Sea Star Journey as a South America´s Leading Boutique Cruise. Finally, if you want, you can vote for us at https://www.worldtravelawards.com/vote

Latin Trails South America´s Leading Tour Operator

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