See Galapagos through the eyes

See Galapagos through the eyes of 8 artists

Within the framework of the new edition of the Latin American Roaming Art, this year the main topic is Galapagos. LARA Project has received an important international interest and respect from the Latin American contemporary art community. Every new edition invites eight artists to travel to an specific place, and this year the project is focused on the Enchanted Islands.

The last three editions of the artistic project were about the city of Honda in Colombia, Ollantaytambo in Peru and Oaxaca in Mexico. In this fourth edition, the eight artists travelled to the Archipelago last March and stayed there for two weeks. Contemporary Art has not given much attention to these Islands until now. Galapagos Islands, considered World Heritage for their extraordinary biodiversity, are the new scenario for these artists to be inspired. The exhibition is a particular mix of nature and art. So it is highly recommended to art lovers and photography lovers.

Their inspirations results can be seen in their different pieces of art. Each one with its own characteristics, very different to each other, combining sculpture, photography and paintings. It is a new way to experience the Islands: though the eyes of some of the best artists of Latin America.

The exhibition will be held in the Contemporary Art Center of Quito and it will end up at 13th of November. The eight artists of this year are: Arjona, Azcárate, Balseca, Cardoso, Duville, Ribadeneira, Solminihac and Guillén.

See Galapagos through the eyes of 8 artists:

Emilia Azcárate

The main elements that this artist has taken from her experience at the Islands are a surfboard and a bicycle rack. As you can see on the image, the bottle caps are a creative transformation of the garbage of the islands in a beautiful mandala, as can be seen in the picture.

Pablo Cardoso

A great number of his creations are focused on the point of view of a travel artist. His pieces are a marvelous expression of the Galapagos Island’s Cartography and History. The exhibition has paintings of volcanoes that are worth seeing.

Maria Jose Arjona

This colombian artist has focused her work on the sea lion, an animal that has a particular way to adapt to the human constructions: they use chairs or piers to sleep. Moreover, Arjona has created a marvelous sound piece.

Matías Duville

This artist has a very unique perspective on art and also about his experience at the Islands. His art is closer to an oniric experience than a realistic description of the Islands.

Manuel Ribadeneira

This ecuadorian author uses some symbols and details to create a narrative around the experience of all his works, some of them connected with thoughts about the current politics.

Paula de Solminhac

De Solminhac connects the islands with poetry, as her works are pure expressions of beauty and sensations.

Florencia Guillén

This mexican artist also participated in another edition of LARA in Mexico. This time her presence includes works to the Manila Metropolitan Museum. She makes contrasts between the technological world and tradition. – Behind every great trip is an extraordinary DMC, need our help? Contact us here if you are a travel agent or if you want to travel to Ecuador or Peru.

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