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Six senses of Ecuador – Quito experiential city tour

Six senses of Ecuador – Quito experiential city tour

No, we cannot travel away from our sofa, at least not for now! How boring would be our lives without the real experience of visiting other places and immersing ourselves in other cultures!

If traveling was just taking photographs and planting the flag in one place, we could just navigate with the computer and travel around the World. However, even nowadays, when technology allows us to visit any place of the Planet through youtube videos, Instagram photos and postals, we keep on traveling physically, as it is irreplaceable!

Experience is always much better than the best explanations, and we experience trips with all our senses, not just the sight. Google Earth cannot bring us the smell of the sea, and any National Geographic’s photo cannot show us the taste of a typical dish.

The program Six Senses Tour Quito was created to accomplish the desire of every traveller: visiting a place with all the intensity. The program is adapted by our DMC to every kind of customer and every particular occasion.

The six senses tour, why six and not just five? 

Because there is a special sense that is present in every special journey…