Traveling to Galapagos with Kids

Traveling to Galapagos with kids is not just a once in a lifetime adventure, it’s an education for the entire family wherein nature becomes the classroom. There is so much to see, so many family-friendly places to go, and a fantastic range of family activities to enjoy in the Galapagos Islands. Children of all ages are fascinated by animals, so they’ll enjoy swimming and snorkeling with penguins, green sea turtles, sea lions, stingrays, white-tipped reef sharks, octopus, and flightless cormorants. On land, they can walk among giant tortoises, land iguanas, lava lizards, and spot more birds than they can possibly name. National Park rules forbid getting closer than two meters to any animal, but many animals ignore this rule—especially playful baby sea lions.

Traveling to Galapagos with Kids

The Charles Darwin Research Center

While visiting Galapagos with kids, the research center is a must-see. It’s home to a number of different species of giant tortoises and iguanas, and you can learn a lot about the animals who make their home on the islands. It’s a good idea to start your visit here so you can recognize these wonderful animals in the wild.

Tip: Give the kids their own cameras to photograph wildlife.

Cruising through Galapagos with Kids

Children aged six and up are old enough to cruise and, at that age, they will remember Galapagos as a living museum. If your kids are comfortable in the water, there are plenty of opportunities for swimming and snorkeling with marine life and also plenty of island visits to see land-based wildlife. Our cruises accommodate sixteen passengers, so they are perfect for families traveling to Galapagos with kids.

Tip: We have snorkeling wetsuits for children; they will love the experience.

Kayaking in Tortuga Bay

Tortuga Bay is one of the highlights of the islands, and one of the most beautiful beaches on planet Earth. You can paddle out with the kids in kayaks to enjoy the marine life, and snorkel further from the beach to encounter more amazing wildlife. In addition to turtles and marine iguanas, you might see rays, baby sharks, herons even sea turtle nests. If your kids aren’t up to walking the distance, there are boats that go regularly to and from Tortuga Bay.

Tip: bring plenty of drinking water and snacks, hats, sunscreen and decent footwear.


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Playing on the Beaches

One thing Galapagos has no shortage of is gorgeous beaches. While traveling around Galapagos with kids, you will invariably end up on a beach building sandcastles while sea lions or penguins watch from the sidelines. Visiting Galapagos with kids can be hectic at times, so make sure to plan some down time to relax on some beautiful beaches such as Charles Darwin Beach, El Gargarrapatero and Tortuga Bay on Santa Cruz, Post Office Bay on Floreana, Puerto Chino Beach on San Cristobal, or Puerto Villamil Beach on Isabela.

Lava Tunnels

As a volcanic archipelago, Galapagos is geologically fascinating. These volcanic islands are home to numerous underground tunnels that were once lava tubes. Follow the maze of tunnels from one end to the other. On Isabela you can snorkel in the lava tunnels, so bring swimming gear.

Home-Made Ice-Cream

Not all trips are created equal, and visiting Galapagos with kids equals an unequaled adventure. Nonetheless, everyone deserves a treat after a hard day’s touring. There are several places where you can relax and enjoy the creative and delicious local flavors of home-made ice-cream.

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