The Galapagos Sea Star Journey was awarded

The Galapagos Sea Star Journey, Latin Trails´ flagship yacht, was awarded last September 09, 2017, in the Riviera Maya as the South America´s Leading Boutique Cruise 2017 by the World Travel Award.

This award is the result of many years of effort, improvements, innovation, and quality of service. Always supported by a welcoming and dedicated local crew on board.

Thanks to you all for the support and confidence to the Galapagos Sea Star Journey since 2011. Without your constant feedback and confidence, we wouldn´t be able to reach this stage. But, this is just the beginning.

What to expect after this important award?

First of all, a strong commitment by Latin Trails and the Galapagos Sea Star Journey teams to be at the forefront of the cruise industry in the Galapagos Islands. Always working beyond expectations, delivering great services, constant improvement, and innovation. The aim is exceeding traveler’s needs.

Secondly, the Galapagos Sea Star Journey is going to continue its policy of constant training to yacht´s crew, as well as motivating them to deliver a true and a warm personalized service.

Finally, paying attention to small details as well as constantly offering internal renovations almost every year.

With this strategy, the Galapagos Sea Star Journey is going to be able to continue leading the Boutique Cruise category in South America. In fact, from October 26, 2017, the Sea Star Journey is going to be a new yacht with several changes both in infrastructure and design. This facelift makes the yacht looks forward to innovating and raise the bar in terms of services and facilities of boutique yachts in the Galapagos Islands.

Thank you again for supporting the Galapagos Sea Star Journey this year in the World Travel Award 2017, and categorize it as South America´s Leading Boutique Yacht.

Sincerely yours, Latin Trails & Galapagos Sea Star Teams

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