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Ecuadorian Amazon: a Wildlife Paradise

Ecuadorian Amazon: a paradise of fauna


Ecuadorian Amazon is an amazing destination for those who like outdoor activities such as hiking and enjoying nature diversity. It is an extraordinary place, but not only for the beautiful landscapes, but also for its mosaic of fauna. You will be able to find thousands of species, from the sneaky boa to the red piranha, and back to the spider monkey, the amazon pink river dolphin and so many different species.

A paradise of fauna

There are more than 2,500 of types of fishes in the Amazon rivers. The piranha is one of the most known. They are usually about 14 to 26 centimeters and their main features are their sharp teeth and their powerful jaws. Piranhas have a reputation as ferocious predators, but recent research show that they are timid fishes that school for protection from their own predators, such as cormorants, caimans, and dolphins.

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is the most biodiverse part of the Ecuadorian Amazon, and one of the most varied in flora and fauna around the world. There, the current number of registered bird species are more than 500, 350 fish species, and countless frogs, toads and many other species.

There are professional guides that assist travelers during the whole journey, for solving any question about the local fauna. –

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