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Francisco Sotomayor - 9/12/2014 Galapagos BikeNowadays, the international tourism industry is developing new services for a particular segment of customers, who are mostly interested in doing some adventure activities in destinations that traditionally have been considered for leisure and relaxation purposes such as places with beach resorts.

Francisco Sotomayor - 9/10/2014 Galapagos Seaman JouneyThe Seaman Journey is classified as a first class motor yacht, operating in the Galapagos archipelago since 2012. It Is considered an expedition cruise, which means that the ship is the medium of transportation to its destination, in this case the islets, and islands of the national park reserve.

Francisco Sotomayor - 9/4/2014 Galapagos IslansThe Galapagos Grand Odyssey is one of the three main cruises that are part of LATIN TRAILS´ operational fleet in the Galapagos Islands. Among the categories of cruises that are managed in the fleet available at LATIN TRAILS, we have the following rankings such as tourist superior class, first class, and boutique class according to Galapagos standards that might be different from other international cruises.

Francisco Sotomayor - 9/2/2014 Nemo INowadays, the vast majority of small cruises operating in the Galapagos Islands are mostly considered motor yachts, which give a comfortable and smooth haul from island to island in a cozy environment inside the social areas of the cruise. On these modern yachts, passengers can enjoy in their room windows a panoramic view of the archipelago and its breath taking landscapes.

Francisco Sotomayor - 8/27/2014 Even though expeditions might vary according to the length and place you are willing to explore, there are common items that you need to take into account and put on your bag pack in order to survive the journey. Nevertheless, if you are considering to visit the Galapagos Islands, then your accessories will include additional items that make your experience more meaningful during your time in the enchanted islands. Among the things that you should include in your belongings for this special trip to Galapagos, are the following items:

Francisco Sotomayor - 8/21/2014 Handcrafts in QuitoBefore you start a round trip anywhere in the world, there are many factors that you need to consider in the destinations available in your radar, and among them, the top four factors, regardless of their order, are without a doubt personal security, political stability, low costs, and a reliable tourist infrastructure along with diversity of attractions.

Francisco Sotomayor - 8/21/2014 SnorkelingThe Galapagos islands is a special place, where the most avid lovers for snorkeling will find unique spots in order to explore the most amazing coral reefs, full of bright colored fishes and some other amazing sea creatures that will enchant them by their shapes, sizes, and agility underwater.

Francisco Sotomayor - 8/13/2014 La mitad del mundoBy the time you decide to come to Quito, the Capital of Ecuador, you would be amazed by the mixture of a city that strives to become a modern cosmopolitan metropolis , but at the same time still keeping some of its ancient architectural from its colonial past, which propels an exotic environment that welcomes fantasy, and romance, along with the high expectations of seeking pleasure and comfort in exploring this magic town. Additionally, you could explore its famous tourist destinations nearby the city through the marvelous highlands such as "La Mitad del Mundo", which is the imaginary line that divide the world in north and south hemispheres. Here you will have the opportunity of a life time to be in both sides of the world at the same time, across de Equator line.

Francisco Sotomayor - 8/11/2014 EcuadorAlthough the tourism industry has a variety of niches in the broad market, there are a few segments that are growing with promise of being successful in the short term future, as well as an important source in regards to the incoming flow of tourists in a particular destination. Nevertheless, the new approaches to business tourism focus mostly on the content and message that it wants to propel, as well as the environmental structure that is going to apply during the event along interactive activities between the lecture exponents and the public. Although leisure activities can be very helpful at times, it should not be confused as the same type of tourism. Business tourism is strongly related to the income generated by hotels, convention centers, and restaurants which are the services that business executives rely most while they participate in business meetings and congress abroad.

Francisco Sotomayor - 8/5/2014 Health Let's start by explaining the concept and origins of the word concierge, and how it has been developed through the years in a globalized world where the quality of the service and effective assistance are a main issue in the corporate world, as well as in the health, hospitality and tourism industry.

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