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Francisco Sotomayor - 12/3/2014 Although the city of Cuenca is among the top cities in Ecuador, it has had traditionally a moderate flow of visitors from overseas, when considered a potential tourist attraction, due to its rich history, culture, as well as the archaeological sites available along its natural landscapes.

Francisco Sotomayor - 11/25/2014 Cattleya JourneyDescribing this marvelous ship and its physical qualities, as well as its excessive comfort, won't be enough in order to grasp the whole concept of getting to know the Cattleya, and sail on it along the magic waters of the Marañon river, Ucayali river and some parts of the amazing Amazon river.

Francisco Sotomayor - 11/11/2014 The cemntery of Guayaquil We have already mentioned the impressive mausoleums and exotic architectural designs found around some iconic tombs that belong as the final resting place of famous and important people that made an impact in the political, economical, and social life of Guayaquil and the whole nation of Ecuador.

Francisco Sotomayor - 11/11/2014 La ruta de los proceresDue to the 194 years of independency of Guayaquil, recently the city hall and the Beneficiary Board of Guayaquil have proclaimed a new route within the cemetery surroundings, as one of the many tourist attractions that this city has to offer to local , and international visitors.

Daniel Tacsa - 10/22/2014 Lim - PeruLima, a beautiful city with a population of 10 million habitants was called the city of the Kings. Some people believe, the city was named due to its foundation, which coincided with the biblical date of the Three Kings searching for Bethlehem when Jesus was born. At that time, instead of kings, there were authorities who searched for the ground to settle down between Pachacamac en Lima. However, some other people, mostly historians assure that the name was due in honor to the emperor Charles V from Austria & Charles I from Spain. Regardless of the historical origin of its name, the city was officially founded by the Spaniards on the 18th of January 1535 as the city of the Kings.

Francisco Sotomayor - 10/3/2014 Mindo This charming town is an alternative option for visitors who want to enjoy adventure tourism in the cloud forest of Ecuador. Surrounded by a vast forest, Mindo has become a paradise for nature lovers from all over the world thanks to its majestic flora and fauna. Here the average visitor can be delighted by a diversity of bird species like and colored full toucans. Additionally, there are spots where a number of outdoor activities can be performed by tourists who enjoy adventure tourism.

Francisco Sotomayor - 10/13/2014 The Cemetery of GuayaquilAlthough the Guayaquil cemetery has been overlooked for many years by locals and international visitors, its hidden historical value represents a great deal of stories of foreign artists that came to this city by the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, and contributed to the creation of this special site in the city.

Francisco Sotomayor - 9/12/2014 Galapagos BikeNowadays, the international tourism industry is developing new services for a particular segment of customers, who are mostly interested in doing some adventure activities in destinations that traditionally have been considered for leisure and relaxation purposes such as places with beach resorts.

Francisco Sotomayor - 9/10/2014 Galapagos Seaman JouneyThe Seaman Journey is classified as a first class motor yacht, operating in the Galapagos archipelago since 2012. It Is considered an expedition cruise, which means that the ship is the medium of transportation to its destination, in this case the islets, and islands of the national park reserve.

Francisco Sotomayor - 9/4/2014 Galapagos IslansThe Galapagos Grand Odyssey is one of the three main cruises that are part of LATIN TRAILS´ operational fleet in the Galapagos Islands. Among the categories of cruises that are managed in the fleet available at LATIN TRAILS, we have the following rankings such as tourist superior class, first class, and boutique class according to Galapagos standards that might be different from other international cruises.

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