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Webmaster - How to understand about Zika virus and its effects when traveling to South America A permanent update on the spread of Zika virus has been promoting by the leading health organizations, including the World Heritage Organization and Control Disease Center.

Francisco Sotomayor - Last week President Correa along with the recent nominated minister of Tourism and Harvard alumni,

Francisco Sotomayor - CATTLEYA: YOUR HOME OUTISDE HOMEDescribing this marvelous ship and its physical qualities, as well as its excessive comfort,

Daniel Tacsa - LIMA : The city of the Kings (PART 1) - latintrails.comLima, a beautiful city with a population of 10 million habitants was called the city of the Kings. Some people believe, the city was named due to its foundation, which coincided with the biblical date of the Three Kings searching for Bethlehem when Jesus was born. At that time, instead of kings, there were authorities who searched for the ground to settle down between Pachacamac en Lima. However, some other people, mostly historians assure that the name was due in honor to the emperor Charles V from Austria & Charles I from Spain. Regardless of the historical origin of its name, the city was officially founded by the Spaniards on the 18th of January 1535  as the city of the Kings.

Francisco Sotomayor - By the time you decide to come to Quito, the Capital of Ecuador, you would be amazed by the mixture of a city

Francisco Sotomayor - A new Approach to Business Tourism and Event PlanningAlthough the tourism industry has a variety of niches in the broad market, there are a few segments that are growing with promise of being successful in the short term future, as well as an important source in regards to the incoming flow of tourists in a particular destination. Nevertheless, the new approaches to business tourism focus mostly on the content and message that it wants to propel, as well as the environmental structure that is going to apply during the event along interactive activities between the lecture exponents and the public. Although leisure activities can be very helpful at times, it should not be confused as the same type of tourism. Business tourism is strongly related to the income generated by hotels, convention centers, and restaurants which are the services that business executives rely most while they participate in business meetings and congress abroad.

Francisco Sotomayor - All You Need is Ecuador Trade - latintrails.comIn order to help the sales channels of the many tourism agents in Ecuador, the ministry of tourism launched a parallel campaign called " All You Need Is Ecuador Trade". This project was applied in conjunction between the Ministry of Tourism and EKOS corporation, a national company that has previous experience in the managing and edition of printed media, as well as the experience in assessment regarding market intelligence services.

Francisco Sotomayor - Improving quality in Tourism services as a top DestinationRecently Latin trails along with other 31 companies related to tourism affairs like tour operators, travel agencies, hotels, and car rentals, participated in the 8th workshop on how to promote Ecuador as a top destination. The patented workshop event was conducted by a selective group of inbound tour operators, which explained that the workshops was due to the requirements of many agents that are part of the tourism industry, who are willing to increase their network, as well as their products and packages with quality and high standards.

Francisco Sotomayor - A new Approach to Business Tourism and Event PlanningPerhaps part of the reason why this marvelous spot of ancient culture became a world cultural heritage site is due to the propelling of modern communication channels that came after this masterpiece.

To all Dears Partners, Latin Trails informs you that, in order to give variety and exclusivity to our dear business partners, we want to show a new kind of tour that is suitable for people that are looking for

Latin Trails, following its tradition of excellence and quality, offering first-class cruises to the Galapagos Islands

By the time you decide to come to Quito, the Capital of Ecuador, you would be amazed by the mixture of a city


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