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The most popular hiking paths in Galapagos
By Webmaster - 4/14/2014 Galapagos is a well renown paradise, not just for traditional tourists, but also for scientists who are willing to visit and observe this live laboratory discovered by Charles Darwin in the 18th centuries. However, there is another class of visitor that is increasing in number within the last few years, for this particular destination in the Pacific ocean.

Snorkeling in Galapagos
By Webmaster - 4/8/2014 The Galapagos islands is a special place, where the most avid lovers for snorkeling will find unique spots in order to explore the most amazing coral reefs, full of bright colored fishes and some other amazing sea creatures that will enchant them by their shapes, sizes, and agility underwater.

Advantages of a Small cruise in the Galapagos Islands
By Webmaster - 4/7/2014 Perhaps you might be familiar with the predominant cruise liners that sail around the world and where you can find over a thousand passengers in a single trip. Also, the variety of entertainment activities that you are able to choose, are by far the most interesting features that make your trip pleasurable at all times.

Top reasons for taking a cruise with the Seaman Journey
By Webmaster - 4/4/2014 The Seaman Journey is classified as a first class motor yacht, operating in the Galapagos archipelago since 2012. It Is considered an expedition cruise, which means that the ship is the medium of transportation to its destination, in this case the islets, and islands of the national park reserve.

All you Need is Ecuador
By Webmaster - 4/4/2014 All you need is EcuadorEcuador launches a new tourism campaign worldwide called "All you need is Ecuador". Since the first of April, and along 19 cities around the world will have in their main squares and plazas big letters representing each word of the slogan above, which is based on the famous Beatles´ song "All you need is Love". 7 cities in Ecuador and 12 others abroad will be part of this interesting strategy on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism in its pursue to propel the Nation´s brand as a main tourist destination worldwide. We welcome everyone to visit one of these letters, if you are nearby, or live in one of the selected cities.

Top Experiences & Services onboard the Galapagos Grand Odyssey
By Webmaster - 3/27/2014 The Galapagos Grand Odyssey is one of the three main cruises that are part of LATIN TRAILS´ operational fleet in the Galapagos Islands. Among the categories of cruises that are managed in the fleet available at LATIN TRAILS, we have the following rankings such as tourist superior class, first class, and luxury class according to Galapagos standards that might be different from other international cruises.

Top 7 birds in the Galapagos Islands
By Webmaster - 3/27/2014 Although the Galapagos archipelago is famous due to its diversity of marine and land creatures, there is also appreciation to its diversity of birds surrounding the various islands. Even though each species of birds can show their exotic characteristics, there is no doubt that on top of the list you will always find the presence of the red and blue footed boobies, when thinking about Galapagos birds. Nonetheless , I would like to start my own ranking based on my latest experience during the time I visited this majestic place, and as I can rattle off their main differences among birds.

Top 3 land creatures at the Galapagos Island
By Webmaster - 3/26/2014 On a previous article we wrote about the top birds on the Galapagos Island based on my last visit and experience lived on this amazing archipelago. Nevertheless, this time I would like to write about the ranking of land creatures that according to my stand point of view, and based on my last journey on one of the cruises of LATIN TRAILS, deserve to be mentioned.

The top 4 sea creatures at The Galapagos Island
By Webmaster - 3/26/2014 This is the third article from a series regarding creatures found in the Galapagos Islands and their primary ecosystems. So far we have talked about land creatures, birds, and now we are going to write about sea creatures. Although Galapagos can share its natural wonders and amazing ecosystems from different perspectives and according to its season, certainly the Sea World that belong to its national park has a lot to offer to any kind of tourist willing to witness their majestic richness under the water, and along its shores.

Galapagos Islands the Best 10 spot to visit
By Webmaster - 2/10/2014 According to the USA Today News newspaper and the website , the Galapagos Islands have been considered recently as "a once- in a life time destination".

Top 5 Romantic Hotels in Quito
By Webmaster - 2/5/2014 By the time you decide to come to Quito, the Capital of Ecuador, you would be amazed by the mixture of a city that strives to become a modern cosmopolitan metropolis , but at the same time still keeping some of its ancient architectural from its colonial past, which propels an exotic environment that welcomes fantasy, and romance, along with the high expectations of seeking pleasure and comfort in exploring this magic town.

Adventure Spas in Latin America
By Webmaster - 1/31/2014 Believe it or not, there are places all over Latin America that nowadays are becoming top destinations for Health tourism. The range of visitors for these natural spots for healing, wellness, and relaxation ranges from  elderly retiree foreigners to business executives that need a time to catch up for leisure activities, along with unwind vacations. These Latin American SPAS are complemented by their marvelous landscapes in the shores, highlands, or even rainforest.

Family Friendly Destinations- Lima Peru
By Webmaster - 1/30/2014 Parque de las ReservasThe city of Lima in Peru, is one of the well known Capitals in South America, regarding its cosmopolitan life and its main tourist attractions. However, if you are planning to come with your whole family, there are some places in downtown Lima that can adjust to your needs during your accommodation in this busy and extravagant city.

Ecuador became spot #7 to visit in 2014
By Webmaster - 1/14/2014 The article shows these destinations in a global view or divided according to the region of origin classified between Africa, Australia, The USA, Canada, the Americas, and Asia. Considered as one of most bio-diverse countries in the world, the article highlights the Galapagos Islands, and over 1600 species of birds, as well as 4000 kinds of orchids, which for the last years this particular flower has become a luxury in the decoration among elite housewives, as well as householders.

By Webmaster - 9/9/2013 Day 1 Classic TrainWe started out at Bucay, the 2nd stop, we boarded this beautifully decorated train, in classic republican style, a remnant of the first passenger trains from the early 1900s. You could almost expect to find the mythical general Eloy Alfaro on board.

Seaman Catamaran
By Webmaster - 11/8/2012 “First of all I wanted to say to you how much we enjoyed the trip, it was hugely memorable. We enjoyed every hour and every minute of the whole trip. Seaman Catamaran Wonderful, Highly recommended

Latin Trails’ Newsletter: Legends and Treasures in Quito
By Webmaster - 9/7/2012 Latin Trails’ Newsletter: Legends and Treasures in Quito

By Webmaster - 8/17/2012 Latin Trails, following its tradition of excellence and quality, offering first-class cruises to the Galapagos Islands, announces the latest developments in the remodeling of its new ship, the M/C Galapagos Seaman Journey, which will start its operations in January 2013.

By Webmaster - 7/25/2012 Latin Trails Informs you that, on this October 12th 2012, the current airport of Quito, “Mariscal Sucre”, will stop operating due the new International Airport, located in Tababela, is ready to receive all the international air traffic from the world. Tababela is a small town located 35 km to the northeast from Quito and it’s the cradle of this new important project for the Capital that has been delayed since many years ago. Finally, the government of Quito has declared that on this October, all the air operations will start in the new airport. For that reason Latin Trails want to communicate to our dear fellows that due this, all the transfer services from and to the new airport will suffer an increase regarding the price. The new airport is located at the outskirts of Quito and it will take more time and distance to reach your destinations and for that reason the price has varied considerably.

By Webmaster - 7/5/2012 To all Dears Partners, GASTRONOMIC TOURS AROUND ECUADOR Latin Trails informs you that, in order to give variety and exclusivity to our dear business partners, we want to show a new kind of tour that is suitable for people that are looking for

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