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Francisco Sotomayor - 8/13/2014 La mitad del mundoBy the time you decide to come to Quito, the Capital of Ecuador, you would be amazed by the mixture of a city that strives to become a modern cosmopolitan metropolis , but at the same time still keeping some of its ancient architectural from its colonial past, which propels an exotic environment that welcomes fantasy, and romance, along with the high expectations of seeking pleasure and comfort in exploring this magic town. Additionally, you could explore its famous tourist destinations nearby the city through the marvelous highlands such as "La Mitad del Mundo", which is the imaginary line that divide the world in north and south hemispheres. Here you will have the opportunity of a life time to be in both sides of the world at the same time, across de Equator line.

Francisco Sotomayor - 8/11/2014 EcuadorAlthough the tourism industry has a variety of niches in the broad market, there are a few segments that are growing with promise of being successful in the short term future, as well as an important source in regards to the incoming flow of tourists in a particular destination. Nevertheless, the new approaches to business tourism focus mostly on the content and message that it wants to propel, as well as the environmental structure that is going to apply during the event along interactive activities between the lecture exponents and the public. Although leisure activities can be very helpful at times, it should not be confused as the same type of tourism. Business tourism is strongly related to the income generated by hotels, convention centers, and restaurants which are the services that business executives rely most while they participate in business meetings and congress abroad.

Francisco Sotomayor - 8/5/2014 Health Let's start by explaining the concept and origins of the word concierge, and how it has been developed through the years in a globalized world where the quality of the service and effective assistance are a main issue in the corporate world, as well as in the health, hospitality and tourism industry.

Francisco Sotomayor - 8/1/2014 Collas RoadAfter two long years of expectations, a fast access expressway would be opened today. The road named "Collas" would be the fourth road available with direct entry to the airport, and perhaps the fastest regarding its distance from Quito downtown.

Francisco Sotomayor - 7/30/2014 EcuadorIn order to help the sales channels of the many tourism agents in Ecuador, the ministry of tourism launched a parallel campaign called " All You Need Is Ecuador Trade". This project was applied in conjunction between the Ministry of Tourism and EKOS corporation, a national company that has previous experience in the managing and edition of printed media, as well as the experience in assessment regarding market intelligence services.

Francisco Sotomayor - 7/25/2014 Latin Trails Recently Latin trails along with other 31 companies related to tourism affairs like tour operators, travel agencies, hotels, and car rentals, participated in the 8th workshop on how to promote Ecuador as a top destination. The patented workshop event was conducted by a selective group of inbound tour operators, which explained that the workshops was due to the requirements of many agents that are part of the tourism industry, who are willing to increase their network, as well as their products and packages with quality and high standards.

Francisco Sotomayor - 7/17/2014 SalinasAlthough Ecuador is famous for its Galapagos Islands and other attractions located in the four regions that spread out along the country, such as the Amazon rainforest, the highlands , and the majestic coast, without a doubt the cities and towns that were settled down at the shores of the Pacific coast, offer breathtaking sunsets , as well as diversity of adventure sports among other things.

Francisco Sotomayor - 7/3/2014 Mindo is another small town that within the last few years has become a tourism attraction for naturalist excursions and adventure. Due to its exclusive location in the Ecuadorian cloud forest, there are some eco-tourism strategies applied by the local authorities in order to increase the flow of visitors in this town considered a paradise for nature lovers and birdwatchers, as well.

Francisco Sotomayor - 7/1/2014 Quito LegendFor those visitors that are planning to stop by at the Ecuadorian capital city, there are new attractions among tourism activities that can be enjoyed, while you are exploring Quito´s famous Old Town, which has been declared by UNESCO as one of the first World Cultural Heritage Sites. The organization "Quito Eterno" has been focused for more than 12 years in theater, arts and the oral value of urban traditions, as part of the intangible heritage of the city. Along with this cultural approach, the organization has developed interesting tourism services for local and international visitors along the iconic buildings located in Old town.

Francisco Sotomayor - 6/26/2014 La RondaLa Ronda is a popular street located in Old town Quito, which main characteristic is based on a cobblestone street surrounded by colonial houses with charming balconies along its path. Within the last years the street has improved its appearance and concept about handling tourism activities. Nowadays, along the street there are many stores and workshops where the visitors can get a brief explanation about the origin and elaboration of the products offered through local handcrafters, who share their expertise.

Francisco Sotomayor - 6/24/2014 Inca TrailPerhaps part of the reason why this marvelous spot of ancient culture became a world cultural heritage site is due to the propelling of modern communication channels that came after this masterpiece.

Francisco Sotomayor - 6/19/2014 Quito citBefore you start a round trip anywhere in the world, there are many factors that you need to consider in the destinations available in your radar, and among them, the top four factors, regardless of their order, are without a doubt personal security, political stability, low costs, and a reliable tourist infrastructure along with diversity of attractions.

Francisco Sotomayor - 6/18/2014 MindoMindo is a small town located at 80 km away from the city of Quito. In this amazing place you can do a lot of outdoor activities in a region considered part of the cloud forest.

Francisco Sotomayor - 6/12/2014 Galapagos Island Hopping hikingAccording to some naturalist guides of the Galapagos National Park, the Island Hopping activities were introduced by the first German tourists that came to explore the archipelago in the 60´s.

Francisco Sotomayor - 6/10/2014 Pedestrian bridge is Open between the city of Guayaquil The government of Ecuador in its attempts to develop new areas for spreading in regards to local tourism activities, has recently inaugurated a pedestrian bridge that is also considered the first bascule bridge in the country´s history. The bridge will connected the city of Guayaquil with the island of Santay, which is considered a natural area within the city territories. This building site will captivate the interest of local and foreigners as one of the highlights of this city that is eager to become cosmopolitan worldwide.

Francisco Sotomayor - 6/5/2014 Renewable energy from organic waste The province of Galapagos and its attempts to preserve the natural environment, even in the populated areas of the archipelago, has developed a recyclable system that has been in operation for about 4 years.

Francisco Sotomayor - 6/3/2014 Pets in Galapagos IslansThe authorities of the Galapagos islands, along with the Ministry of the Environment are currently managing a campaign of domestic pets sterilization in order to prevent the presence and offspring from street cats and dogs spread out on the islands.

Webmaster - 5/30/2014 CaptainFor a matter of safety and general culture is important to know some details, previously you and your family embark on a cruise overseas. Although the crew in some cruises may vary according to the size of the ship, services, and entertainment activities that you could find onboard, for the most part and particularly in small cruises with capacity up to 16 passengers, the crew´s internal structure and hierarchy is going to be similar among them.

Webmaster - 5/27/2014 For the most part, the concept of boutique hotels refers often to contained luxury facilities in unique or intimate settings with full service accommodations. Usually, these boutique hotels are furnished in a particular style, which is based on a themed, or inspirational manner.

Webmaster - 5/22/2014 Aqua Expeditions is a tourism company originally created in Peru, and which main business model focus on the operation of cruises in the Amazon river, nearby the city of Iquitos.

Webmaster - 5/22/2014 If you are visiting the Galapagos islands as a backpacker or in a exclusive cruise, at some point you are going to have the opportunity to explores around the islands by doing some kayaking.

Webmaster - 5/21/2014 The well renowned Galapagos Islands offers a diversity of landscapes that are of unique envy among other exotic places that you may have visited before.

Webmaster - 5/9/2014 By the time you visit the Galapagos Islands, either by being onboard of a cruise or by staying at a fancy hotel on the islands, the dressing code will help you to handle the different activities that you might experience while staying on the archipelago and the National Park surroundings.

Webmaster - 5/9/2014 [IMG]If you decide to visit the Galapagos Islands, remember that at some point you will need to move around the islands on a cruise or a speedboat. So, if you are not an experienced sailor, or have not tried at least once the experience to sail on the ocean, we would like to give you the following advice in order to handle the unpredictable ocean.

Webmaster - 5/6/2014 Whenever you get ready for a expedition in the Galapagos Islands, either as a cruise guest or by doing on solo the island hopping expeditions, you will get at some point the experience of a "dry and wet landing".

Webmaster - 4/7/2014 Perhaps you might be familiar with the predominant cruise liners that sail around the world and where you can find over a thousand passengers in a single trip. Also, the variety of entertainment activities that you are able to choose, are by far the most interesting features that make your trip pleasurable at all times.

Webmaster - 4/4/2014 The Seaman Journey is classified as a first class motor yacht, operating in the Galapagos archipelago since 2012. It Is considered an expedition cruise, which means that the ship is the medium of transportation to its destination, in this case the islets, and islands of the national park reserve.

Webmaster - 4/4/2014 All you need is EcuadorEcuador launches a new tourism campaign worldwide called "All you need is Ecuador". Since the first of April, and along 19 cities around the world will have in their main squares and plazas big letters representing each word of the slogan above, which is based on the famous Beatles´ song "All you need is Love". 7 cities in Ecuador and 12 others abroad will be part of this interesting strategy on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism in its pursue to propel the Nation´s brand as a main tourist destination worldwide. We welcome everyone to visit one of these letters, if you are nearby, or live in one of the selected cities.

Webmaster - 3/27/2014 The Galapagos Grand Odyssey is one of the three main cruises that are part of LATIN TRAILS´ operational fleet in the Galapagos Islands. Among the categories of cruises that are managed in the fleet available at LATIN TRAILS, we have the following rankings such as tourist superior class, first class, and luxury class according to Galapagos standards that might be different from other international cruises.

Webmaster - 3/26/2014 On a previous article we wrote about the top birds on the Galapagos Island based on my last visit and experience lived on this amazing archipelago. Nevertheless, this time I would like to write about the ranking of land creatures that according to my stand point of view, and based on my last journey on one of the cruises of LATIN TRAILS, deserve to be mentioned.

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