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Española Island, what to know before you travel there

Among the different islands of Galapagos, we can find Española Island, with a high incidence of endemism, due to its isolation. It is also very interesting as one of the oldest geologically speaking, as it is estimated to be about four million years old. Come and discover the jewel of Galapagos! When you travel to […]

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Floreana Island: 3 things to know before you go

Your trip to Floreana Island Among the different islands of the famous Ecuadorian Archipelago, we can find Floreana Island. It is one of the marvelous jewels that can be visited in Galapagos. It was first called Charles Island, and then Santa Maria Island, until the Ecuadorian government of Juan José Flores changed it to Floreana. This exotic […]

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Which are the Best Galapagos Islands to Visit?

White sand beaches, breathtaking volcanoes, exotic species… The ecuadorian Archipelago is one of the favourite destinations of the world, a land of natural wonders, a perfect scenario for relaxing and disconnecting. However, only some of the islands can be visited. Know what are the best Galapagos islands to visit. 97% per cent of Galapagos Islands are declared national […]

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Santa Fe Island, tips if you travel there

Santa Fe Island, also known as Barrington, is one of the marvelous islands of Galapagos. Geologically it is one of the oldest, since experts have found there volcanic rocks of about four million years. Unlike other islands in the Galapagos Archipelago, Santa Fe is not volcanically active. One of the main attractions of this island […]


Sierra Negra Volcano Erupted in Isabela Island

On June 26, 2018, the largest volcano in the Galapagos Islands and one of the most active volcanoes in the world began to erupt. Volcano Sierra Negra is located at Isabela Island, which is the biggest island of the archipelago. According to the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador and the Galapagos National Park Authority, approximately […]