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Guayusa | Ecuador amazon

Ecuador’s Amazon Guayusa! The Superfood that offers  Cleaner, Healthier Caffeine

Guayusa is a sacred leaf that was grown in the jungle by the indigenous Kichwa. It is used in ceremonial rituals. This is a clean, healthy alternative to your daily coffee.

AMUPAKIN amazon ecuador

Amazon Rainforest Midwives Move The World

A small community in Ecuador’s Amazon called Archidona is home to a group of indigenous Kichwa midwives who fight for their traditional medicinal practices and remain faithful to them despite discrimination, misogyny, and a lack of financial support.


Pre-Columbian farmers had presided over supposedly pristine South American forests

Perpetual clouds cover the canopy of a tropical forest that seems pristine on the Quijo Valley in northern Ecuador. The beauty of the cloud forest conceals a tragic, violent past. New sediment analysis of the Valley’s Lake Huila has revealed centuries of indigenous agriculture, which was destroyed by fire and warfare in 1588.

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Cattleya: Your home outside home

Describing this marvelous ship and its physical qualities, as well as its excessive comfort, won’t be enough in order to grasp the whole concept of getting to know the Cattleya, and sail on it along the magic waters of the Marañon river, Ucayali river and some parts of the amazing Amazon river. The Cattleya was born […]


The magic of Napo Wildlife Center

It´s difficult to find a better place to spot wildlife at its purest than in Napo Wildlife Center at Yasuni National Park. When you visit, always try to wake up early to see a marvelous sunrise and flocks of macaws flying from tree to tree in the rainforest. Now, imagine the same scene right from […]