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Advantages of a Small cruise in the Galapagos Islands

Advantages of a Small cruise in the Galapagos Islands

Perhaps you might be familiar with the predominant cruise liners that sail around the world and where you can find over a thousand passengers in a single trip. Also, the variety of entertainment activities that you are able to choose, are by far the most interesting features that make your trip pleasurable at all times.

Even though, the media along with the powerhouses of marketing and advertisement have established a solid concept when thinking about holidays onboard a liner cruise, bear in mind that at times the cruise itself could be just the medium of conveyance to get in to the place where the magic of the expedition will be waiting for you. If you are looking for traveling to remote places and where the big entertainment of the cruise will rely mostly on the destinations you are schedule to visit, without leaving behind the high standards of customer service, luxury and amenities according to the local standards, then definitely, the Galapagos are the most interesting islands to search for.

For the most part, the unforgettable experiences of which you will witness in the archipelago of Galapagos, occur in the ecosystems that compose this marvelous place. Whether it is a land expedition, a snorkeling, or scuba diving activity, the exotic creatures that you will encounter along the islands, without a doubt, are going to make a significant impression on you. The friendliness and calmness of these exotic animals, when you approach to their territory, will remind you that you have to be respectful and humble to their fragility.

So, once again, the joy that you are about to live during your stay in the archipelago has to do mostly with your curiosity about the wildlife to be discovered. Nonetheless, part of your success to achieve a pleasant moment in your lodging while sailing around, would also depend on the cruise´s facilities, and comfort available onboard. That´s when the tailor-made luxury small cruises will complement your sophisticated taste with amenities that are still carrying out with the highest standards for quality and uniqueness in the service./

According to the rules and laws of the National Park and the Government of Ecuador, the most guests that a cruise can have while sailing in the Galapagos natural reserve is up to 100 passengers, plus the local crew that it might vary between 20 and 30 members in big cruises. There are a few cruises with that capacity, operating in the islands, and even though they can resemble the predominant cruises you might have taken previously on a fancy holiday in the Caribbean islands, the differences still remain in the purpose of the trip and the service onboard..

galapagos islands sea lions

Choosing a small cruise in Galapagos

Usually, international cruise liners enhance your joy by focusing on the journey itself, and the many amenities available to all guests, along with international destination harbors that are visited along the route. There are even cruises that sail to no-where or also called “no-where voyages” where the ship makes 2 or 3 days round trip in the deep ocean without getting to any port of call.

However, the archipelago of Galapagos is a different ballpark for travelers that just enjoy to be on a cruise. Keep in mind that Galapagos is for all and for most, a lovers nature´s paradise with a deep spirit of exploration in a vast region that still remain volcanic and exuberant. Nevertheless, experience as travel consultants tells us that small cruises are better off for a more meaningful event along the archipelago. The majority of small size yachts that operate as cruises in the islands have an average capacity up to 16 passengers due a lot of important reasons, among them, the team work efficiency that is required while exploring the visitor´s spots on the islands, as well as controlling the massive erosion that big crowds of tourists can produce in the surrounding ecosystem.

Therefore, the main advantage that you can get onboard as a passenger in a small cruise is your familiar approach to your travel mates, your naturalist guide, and the crew. Part of the success of the journey will focus on your ability to get along with the group you belong to, your willingness to adapt to the random wavings on the ship, as well as the appreciation for the culture of the hostess´ country and its people.

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Another important fact, regarding the team´s conformation and support during the expeditions is your willingness to learn from nature and its wonders. On each island visited, you will learn from its flora and fauna, as well as its history. The naturalist guide will provide you with the most relevant information about the origins of the species, their mating season, and nesting places of birds , giant tortoise, land iguanas, sea lions, and marine iguanas. You can even interact by asking questions to your guide about the natural sites visited.

Considering the small size of the group, you can be part of a “once in a lifetime” lecture, where you can witness the theoretical approaches embodied in reality by observing the creatures behavior in their natural habitat. Even in the most prestigious academic institutions worldwide cannot be replace this privilege of learning from life itself.

Of course, after a long day of adventure, you will come back to the safety and comfortable environment of your cruise where you can relax on your marvelous cabin, or engage in the leisure activities of the social areas such as the solarium with the Jacuzzis and sun beds ready for you, where you can re energize your body for next expeditions.

The amenities that you might find on an average small cruise along its social areas range between a big modern lobby with wide sofas, a modern dining room, a small bar with a variety of cocktails, exported beer, and fine wines, Jacuzzis, a shelf with a variety of books, Led TV, a laptop where you can upload your latest pictures, hot coffee, tea, and cold water available all the time. Even some small cruises can provide you a quick SPA services if booked in advance. The decoration inside the cabins are refurbished with the latest elegance and sober colors, along with bright light balls, colorful sofas, small led Tv, DVD device, and private restrooms that will give you a cosy comfort at all times.

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In conclusion, by being part of a small cruise means that you are also part of a small group of people that are going to know each other in a deeper context and fraternize along the expeditions, meals, and random activities that might appear along the social areas. This means that you would have a purpose to learn from your journey, your mates and yourself as a human being open to the opportunities that nature will give you along the road.

LATIN TRAILS can offer you all these benefits and advantages by booking in a small cruise among our prestigious fleet featuring 3 main categories such as first class, luxury class, and superior tourist class that can easily adjust according to our customers’ needs.

So if you are coming to the well renowned Galapagos Islands, small high-end cruises would be available for you and your family, and for sure you are going to experience the blessing of being part of a small group of tourists willing to explore the mystery of the archipelago.