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A new Road access is available to Quito’s International Airport

After two long years of expectations, a fast access expressway would be opened today. The road named “Collas” would be the fourth road available with direct entry to the airport, and perhaps the fastest regarding its distance from Quito downtown.

The new road has 11 km of length and it has been calculated that approximately 5000 vehicles are going to drive through on regular basis. Among the benefits that this road would bring to the city and its surroundings are the following like the comfortable connection with the north side of the country where most ranches of flowers and agricultural business are located, in which visitors can appreciate the crops of the famous Ecuadorian flowers as part of the tourism attraction. Additionally, these business could move their products smoothly, between their site of operations, the airport, as well as the city metropolitan area in a 30 minutes ride.

The inaguration is coming

The road is scheduled to be officially inaugurated today Thursday 31 of July 2014 by the President in a notable ceremony. The approaches to make the country a top tourist destination worldwide are striving for success and prestige that is granted by the international community at all. The new infrastructure, which include modern road systems, along with a diversity of natural attractions and breathtaking landscapes integrates the relevant internal connections that a country must have in order to be recognized as a top destination.

“Collas road” comes just on time, after waiting for so long for an alternative access to the airport that will reduce the traffic jam that previously was outrageously unmanageable for many people, who were in a rush to get on time to the air terminal. Previously, a lot of people were under pressure to start their journey to the airport at least 2 hours ahead of the time, in order to catch their international flights on time and avoid any delays along the road.

On these roads, the driving distance took about 50 to 60 minutes on a normal traffic , and this concern eventually became a complain on behalf of the citizens when the airport was built.

However, the new Mariscal Sucre airport, along its modern services for consumers and business, as well as its beautiful entrance surrounded by gardens on amazing landscapes of the highlands, can be compared with the quality of some modern international airports. The availability of transfer services offered by hotels and tour operators will certainly be more enjoyable for tourist agents and passengers, and perhaps the service could be extended in some hotels 24/ 7.

Certainly the “Collas road” is going to improve the dynamics of the tourism industry by interconnecting in less time between destinations and circuits established in the visitors itineraries during their stay in Ecuador. From now on, Quito’s main attractions such as its Old Town, Cathedrals, and the monument of the Middle of the World will be easy to visit without inconvenient. All the supporting efforts to increase the flow of foreigners as expected by the international campaign “All You Need is Ecuador” are giving its results.

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